Justice system helpful for anyone's difficult child?


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I would love to hear from anyone whose child was helped by the justice system and any adivce they may have. My difficult child is currently charged with operating a vehicle without permission. The prosecutor's office has so far been very helpful. They have every intention on using the charge to try and force my daughter back into counseling now that she's 18. She managed to avoid getting into legal trouble until her 18th birthday. If she had only taken the car a day earlier they would have charged her as a juvenile.

The few days my daughter was talking to me she actually tried to pick up her summons (unfortunately the clerk was not helpful), met with an attorney and and started agreeing to the conditions of the plea bargain. Unfortunately this only lasted 2 days until she was sucked back into her imaginary world she's been living in with her dirtball friends. Now she's trying to get pregnant, as if she hasn't created enough problems for everyone around her now she plans on bringing a baby into the mix.

Since it was my car that was stolen the prosecutor is allowing me to have some input into the process. I have very little hope this will work and would love to hear from anyone who did have a positive result come out of the justice system.


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the only thiing the juvenile (and adult ) systems did for my son since his involvement at age 14 was to warehouse til til he got older. no services, no counseling. the one place he was in from 16 to 18 did get him his diploma from high school and would have paid for college, but he did not comply with college.

I cannot think of anything else he learned other than that he hates jail and confinement.


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We had very good results from the justice system but it was the juvenile system and we initiated it. I would hesitate a great deal doing the same thing when she is an adult. Our experience is probably rare, from the juvenile officers in our community to the judge, everyone wanted to help difficult child, not just punish her.

My advice is always to have an attorney when you go into the justice system.