Justin Bieber

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  1. JJJ

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    So glad they caught them.


    So much hate because someone is popular. So based in jealosy and envy.

    Tigger "hates" Bieber too. He has stated that he wants to beat him up and make him go away. We talked about how, at his age, threatening to beat someone up could get him in trouble with the police. He told me that he wouldn't really want to beat him up, he just wishes he would go away so all the girls would stop screaming about him. He said he had a plan to make it happen, he just needed to figure out how to get past his bodyguards.

    His plan......he is going to pay Justin Bieber to go back to Canada forever. He has saved a whole dollar and he thinks that will be enough. :rofl:

    (Course he doesn't know I heard him pray that he could be friends with Justin Bieber and have all the girls like him too!)
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    Too cute!
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    Absolutely sick.
  4. Jody

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    It is absolutely sick. I could not believe that someone hated him enough to do something like that. I do wish that I would never hear the name Lohan again, her mom, her dad, her sister or Lilo. ugh. But to plot to murder her or anyone related to her not.
  5. susiestar

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    That is sick. What is it that makes people hate Bieber? Why on earth would someone want to waste their time to kill some star? they have to know that to get away with it would be almsot impossible if they were successful. Talk about stupid people. If I don't like an artist, I change the channel or put in a cd or whatever. What sort of idiot would even think of this, much less waste his entire life trying to do this? Because that is what these people did.. They threw their ENTIRE lives away.

    Good Lord. Even Michael Jackson didn't get that wehn he was accused of abusing kids.