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So, I arranged a tour of juvenile detention with-difficult child. They used to have a program called "Scared Straight" but they discontinued it. I called several diff ph #'s and begged nicely, and they agreed to a pared-down tour. The only day available on my calendar was Friday the 13th.
Nyuck nyuck.
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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> funny....yet ironic.


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Be careful. My difficult child tried to get herself into the local Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I asked if she could do a tour and they said it would look much too fun to her. TVs, radios, computers, etc. all over the place.


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Friday the 13th.... Whooo!!! Lol!! I went through Teen Challenge to do the three hour tour here in Ca. I guess it was their scared straight program. The only thing that the kids did not experience was having to wear the handcuffs and shackles but it did last for three hours and they were made to do everything that a prisoner was expected to do period. It was a bit of a wake up for my difficult child at the time.


My difficult child had a tour of the detention center last year. A man came out and got him (looked like Steve from Jerry Springer). He was gone about an hour, and it scared him very much. He was told there are fights as they cannot supervise every minute although they try.
My easy child's best friends father is a detective and also works at the middle school. Last year difficult child was not doing well at all, and we have known this family for 15 years. He arranged the tour. So, I don't know if he had them scare him more than normal.
Hope it works. My difficult child really turned around after that. New friends. or no friends. Went from the smoking, drinking drug using group to the cheerleader group. He was only 10 when he was caught with Pot. he bought it for a girl at school. We took him in for drug testing every two weeks for months, then we have the surprise tests, and also the home tests. Every singel test has come back clean. Even the first one when he admitted to smoking. Dr. said he must not have known how to do it.
But, his mood swings, his outbursts, his behavior has either pushed most of the kids away, or scared them away. But he has not gone back to the old group of kids. Hold my breath on that.
Hope it works.

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OMG! :rofl: Friday the 13th. :rofl:

I'm sorry but, like kris, I find this pretty ironic.

Let's hope it makes an impression. :hypnosis:
Terry, Thanks for the laugh this morning!!! :rofl: I can't wait to read the update!!! Sounds like something I should consider for my difficult children. WFEN :rofl:


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My son has been to juvy. For him a tour would have done no good. However, when he was in the juvy, he never wanted to go back because it was so cold there! They had the air conditioning running 24/7 and I'm sure it was probably only 65 degrees in there. He only had a lightweight jumpsuit and slippers on. That was the biggest deterrent they could find.

They kept it cold in there because of the smells.