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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Hound dog

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    Not sure where I left off on the whole K thing......

    She and her husband are in St. Louis. Just dove right in with nowhere to go, no jobs, and knowing no one, no money, ect.

    She told me they were staying with this lady they met on the bus. Next it was this lady they met cuz she was the maid at the motel they stayed in at first, who is also the lady on the bus........:tongue: In other words, they were on the street.

    About a week ago she wrote to tell me they'd finally got into a shelter. Then proceeded to whine that they don't serve meals and make her husband sleep in the men's section. All they basically do is give you a place to clean up and sleep. And she went on and on about how they didn't give free bus passes ect. OMG

    Yet this week they supposedly took all her foodstamps to feed them.......but they don't serve meals. ugh The kids are going hungry. She hates it there........There is no air conditioning, no tv...........

    Well it is awful but I can't even drum up empathy. I guess the detachment is complete as far as this difficult child goes. Yeah, you just take off to the big city with no plan whatsoever........and what did you really expect to happen?? DUH

    My replies are short. Mostly that I'm praying they can find jobs and a place to live. Which is true. That's about it. I feel for the grands.......but they are the parents.

    I know she's trying to get me to invite them here. Not happening. Not even thinking about it. If she showed up, I'd probably shut the door on her if I bothered to answer it. I've not been so utterly disgusted with someone's behavior in a long time. Guess I'm just fed up.

    The way they think just dumbfounds me...........sheesh
  2. susiestar

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    I am sorry she is so much a difficult child. Your detachment is exactly what you both need.

    She is lying about everything, except likely her husband having to sleep elsewhere. Given the fears about how he treats the oldest girl, that might be a very good thing, Know what I mean??

    I am constantly surprised at how low some people will sink. Drugs are probably a GIANT part of the problems so anything you send, even for the grands, will be used for that. Sadly, unless social services gets involved (and she will keep moving so that it doesn't), this will likely NEVER change. If you stay attached to her it will ONLY result in heartache for YOU (and maybe even trouble for the kids if/when the adults' frustrations/anger is taken out on them).

    Someday Karma will come around and give K and husband exactly what they deserve. Don't you wish Karma didn't take his own sweet time turning off the reality show that is K's life and smack her??

    Can you get the name of the shelter and then alert workers to keep a quiet eye on the kids for signs of abuse, and to report them if any are seen? Or get the addy and report abuse yourself?

    This MUST, of course, wait until you are DONE, DONE, DONE with this quarter!!!

  3. everywoman

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    Ugh!! Ugh!!! Ugh!!!! I'm sorry she has not learned what you tried to teach her many years ago---it's a shame that those babies have to live that way--but you're right---They are the parents---Hugs---
  4. hearts and roses

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    I understand your disgust so well and the ultimate detachment you have going on. What a shame and waste of lives K has going on. I am even so sick of calling them difficult child's, you know what I mean?

    My heart goes out to those children, just breaks my heart that they are stuck with such shabby excuses for parents. Really makes you scratch your head that she could be that parent when she obviously was raised by a good parent setting a good example. I wonder that everyday about my own..."How did this happen?", moreso lately.

    Sending prayers that the children are at least fed, clean and safe from harm. I have to agree with Susie regarding having them turned in for neglect. Hugs, Lisa. I'm so sorry.
  5. 1905

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    I feel for you. You and I both know the only way to save yourself heartache is to detatch. It's very sad for the kids, the only thing to hope for is that they grow up and see what NOT to do. I hope the kids are safe and have food in their bellies- if they're in a shelter, they have food-it's good the men are seperate.(hugs)-Alyssa