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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, May 23, 2008.

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    We had our first staffing with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff. Their program is designed to take 12-18 months and the doctor said that with the hybrid of complex issues that Kanga has, she will definitely be close to the 18 months mark.

    Course we only have funding for 90 days. I spoke with the funding caseworker and she's annoyed that they haven't started sibling therapy right away. She just doesn't seem to get that until Kanga learns to control her anger, live in our reality and have compassion (all treatment plan goals), she will not be able to be appropriate with her sibs.

    The first goal is for her to communicate appropriately with the other girls at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), then with husband & I and finally with her sibs.

    So, we should be getting the results of our grant appeal next week. I just pray that we got the grant...
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    Good luck, JJJ! I'll cross my fingers for you. I know you have really gone through a lot trying to get this. I guess it just comes one little piece at a time. I have never understood why we have to have processes in such a way that keep the parents on edge and being unable to plan for so long.
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    JJJ...Hopefully now that Kanga is in care that things will run more smoothly for you at least funding wise. I also pray that Kanga gets the help she so desperately needs to come out the other side of this a less shattered little girl.

    Nothing really angers me more than what has happened to those of us that were broken as very tiny beings.
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    It sounds like it is going to take your constant vigilance to keep this moving forward. It's a shame that you have to worry about bureaucracy instead of getting the family involved in recovery.
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    I truly hope the grant is approved. I didn't understand how they could turn you down the first time. Hugs.
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    For Kanga, 18 months might not even be enough but it would be a start. The CW is completely unrealistic in even considering sibling therapy at this stage. However, she holds all the cards, which means you'll probably have to start the therapy just to keep her on board. It really stinks when those in control make stupid demands and we have to jump through their hoops.

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    Adding my prayers that the grant comes through...
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    You are going to have to do the funding battle every quarter until the grant comes through ~ I did this for both kt & wm when they were in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). A royal PITA.

    And saying that, if our psychiatrist, therapist & the treatment plan were all on the same page; if mental health team recommended this it was always always approved. I would, however, work hard to keep the funding person happy. Even if it means a very "controlled" visit between the siblings.

    By controlled I mean a visit that is short, well attended by Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff & by you & husband. Once/if kanga steps over a well defined line you are out of there. And that needs to be written in the treatment plan as well. If kanga blows it that needs to be documented as well.

    While the treatment plan as it is written sounds like a good one ~ it's the funding worker you have to keep happy. This is the reality of funding for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). (We've never rec'd a grant, we've always had to beg quarterly to continue with help for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement.)

    Continuing to keep you & yours in my thoughts & prayers.
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    fingers crossed and positive thoughts that the funding comes through!

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    J cubed,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. What a warrior mom you are.
  11. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Prayers, fingers crossed, beads rattling that you get the full funding she needs and that you don't have to wait in limbo not knowing if or when it will be granted....
  12. Steely

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    Sending positive vibes, juju, and prayers your way!
    It has GOT to happen. It will.