Kanga still a danger

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Kanga is now in a PHP program and living at a teen shelter. However this will only last for 15 more days before she "uses up" all her time at the shelter and they kick her out.

    At her PHP staffing today, Kanga excused her attack on Tigger by stating that "he's not my real brother" and "I was mad". When the therapist asked her what her goal was for PHP, she was silent. The therapist then asked her if she wanted to work on getting control of her aggression. Kanga stated "I don't know. I haven't decided yet." She is telling everyone that she does not want to come home, that she likes the shelter and that everything is Tigger's fault.

    I explained that she has a history of false allegations against Tigger and gave them her foster care & abuse background in 250 words or less. There was a collective "ahh".

    I left another message for post-adoption support telling them we had to have a placement for her lined up by the end of next week. She can't come home.
  2. Hopeless

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    JJJ - I have been reading your posts about Kanga and the family. I have no words of wisdom, just want to send you HUGS to get you through all of this and saying prayers to get Kanga placed so she can begin to get better.
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    JJJ, sorry things don't seem to be improving with Kanga.

    Just curious, if the psychiatrists think Kanga has psychosis, why isn't she taking an atypical antipsychotic in addition to Depakote? Depakote will target mood swings and it is particulary good for mania, but it doesn't specifically target psychosis. Things could improve dramatically if she's given the proper medications to treat her disorder.

    FWIW, I don't think it's unusual for a teen not to know what her goal should be for PHP. My son just spent 6 weeks in a PHP and never once filled out his daily goal sheet (much to the chagrin of the PHP staff).
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    Kanga has been on Risperdal and Geodon in the past. Both worked for a while, then stopped, so the dose was increased. Repeat that twice and then the side effects become intolerable (TD, weight gain). Once her Depakote levels are therapeutic, the psychiatrist will be adding in Seroquel and then possibly Zoloft.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Has anyone every offered her Lithium?

    I am really at a loss for you and she. I am so sorry. Sending big hugs. And HUGE prayers that both our kids find placement. (yeah...having my own little day now) hehe.

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    You have your hands full with trying to get her approriate treatment and placement while protecting Tigger and the other children. Not a job for the faint of heart. Hugs.
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    I vote we get Dude, Kanga, thank you, and maybe Corey, kt, and wm their own apartment (in Bora Bora) and let them figure it out. Does it not just blow your mind when your kid responds "I don't know" to a question that essentially asks "do you ever plan on getting a life?"???? How can you not decide whether or not to get a grip on aggression? Sigh... I'm also completely stumped and stymied today over the completely bizarre difficult child thought processes.

    JJJ, sorry you're having to deal with this constant placement crisis. I can only hope that a permanent resolution will be coming soon for you. A gentle hug to you - and how are you feeling???
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    SLSH...lmao...you do realize Cory could probably handle all of them and they would listen aptly and respond in a positive manner to him right?
  9. JJJ

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    Then Cory is welcome to her! I think I can get to NC in about 10 hours.:whiteflag:
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    LOL, JJJ. I'll pick you and Kanga up in about an hour and we'll swing on by to grab thank you. Janet, have the coffee on!!! :)
  11. totoro

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    Can Bora Bora handle them... a camera must be set up... I hope something gets figured out soon... she needs something.
    You are an impressive Warrior Mom!!! Maybe you Mom's deserve Bora Bora... they can have a smaller Island...
  12. daralex

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    can you send mine to Bora Bora as well??!! So sorry you hav eto deal with all this - sending ((hugs))
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    I am so sorry. I know the frantic feeling of wondering what you will do when one child just can't or won't make safe choices and cannot be allowed around the other children for safety reasons. I hope and pray that something will open up very soon.

    I still think we should all go strangle the docs in the hospital that wouldn't do the paperwork for the grant for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Maybe you should send her home with that psychiatrist, therapist, whatever. Surely they are "qualified" to handle her 1 on 1, they were "qualified" to make the decisions they did. (We once got some impressive services when I made this offer, I am sure you have been tempted to make it also!)

    The thought processes of a difficult child never stop amazing me.

    I am so sorry. I know you love them all dearly.

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    JJJ, you just stay strong. You know you are doing the best thing for all of your family members, including Kanga.
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    JJJ, Sorry, I haven't been on here much lately, dealing with our own disasterous life here. :furious:

    I am so sorry Kanga is in such a bad place, emotionally. Can we add Aly to the Island as well? She would do great making all the arrangements and ordering everyone around. Her way or the hiway, dontcha know?!?:tongue:
    Hugs and good thoughts,