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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Thankfully Kanga's projected discharge is being changed to Jan 2010. I will feel better when they actually put it in writing (so far the only written document says "it may be changed").

    Her voices are getting quite loud and bossy again. At our first weekend visit (we slept at the family house and she slept in her dorm), the voices commanded her to kill us. She's had two 'day passes' since then and the voices bothered her some on the first pass and alot on the 2nd pass. She's able to push them away for much of the visit but there are these break through moments where there is a struggle for control between her and the voices and they "make" her say things. (No physical violence yet.)

    Today the voices tried to get her to hurt one of the other girls at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She didn't but staff said for the first time they "saw" her struggling with the voices.

    We have a quarterly review for the funding source on Monday and that will officially change the return home projection to January.

    The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) has sent me their quarterly review paperwork (different from the document that will come out of the meeting on Monday) and once again I will refuse to sign it because it says that I had input in the creation of the document and I DID NOT!!!! So frustrating, in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for 14 months and still no comprehension that either they create the document and take ownership of it OR if they want me to sign off on it, then I need to be allowed to participate in the meeting when they write it.
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    Oh, I am so sorry about the document. Aaarrrrgh!

    Can you cross out that you had input, and then sign it? Just a thought. I've crossed out things on documents b4. Usually, no one figures it out until wks later and then there's little problem.

    I'm glad that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) stasff said they could see your daughter struggling to gain control. That is very important.

    I feel so badly for her. Poor thing.

    How are you holding up?
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    Hi Terry,

    I'm the queen of modifying documents :)

    The contract when I placed her there had a two page addendum added because I didn't like their standard contract.

    The only thing my signature is for to to verify that I participated in the creation of the document so if I crossed that off there would be nothing left to sign.

    I'm doing okay. I still can't sleep for 2-3 days before each visit with her but after she leaves, I'm able to get back to normal right away. I'll feel better when she is officially staying there for at least 6 more months.

    Except for a couple of real manic episodes with Tigger, everyone is doing much better this summer than last year. I'm actually getting the house deep cleaned!!
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    Great! I was just thinking that today, too--I finished a little curtain to put on the sink and cover up the kitty litter box; sewed a yr's worth of clothing rips and tears; cleaned out all the sewing supplies (no, I can't sew. I can only do straight lines but it saves $); and ironed for 1-1/2 hrs (3 mo's worth!). difficult child is at the age when he can take care of himself and isn't bouncing off the walls all the time. I also finished 2 paintings last wk, and framed 2 more.

    I'm sorry about the contract. Sheesh.
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    Kudos on the deep cleaning! Want to come clean my house? JK!

    It would make sense that the other kids would be much better off since they haven't had to deal with the violence and scariness of Kanga and her problems. I am very pleased and very proud that they are making progress!

    Way To Go on getting Kanga's discharge date changed. Lots of us have been praying for that. I hope you get it in writing soon.

    As for the plan that they want you to sign, they probably have a lot of parents who don't read it ever and just sign. It shocks them when someone reads it and won't sign it. If you have their plan can you type up the changes you want to make and state that until these are made, or until you are included in the planning you will not sign. If they make you changes, then they have included you, otherwise no dice.

    Hugs to everyone. I would be scared by her voices and it is so good that the staff actually saw her struggling with them. It is a HUGE step forward because the staff will pay more attention to it. I am sorry she is so plagued by these awful voices.
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    I'm glad the date has been delayed! Sorry about the contract-yuck-glad you are good at revising!
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    3J I'm sorry that Kanga continues to struggle with reality. I'm glad they are going to continue to keep her. I know you worry about her coming home.
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    What a huge relief that will be when you see the actual date in writing! I'm glad staff is finally getting a chance to witness her in action and that they are understanding what they are seeing. There are some days (like yesterday) when I wish I had difficult child 2 in a place like that where I could have a few extra pairs of eyes observing what we see all the time with him, because just telling someone about it doesn't always sink in, if that makes any sense.

    Well, you just enjoy that sense of accomplishment your deep cleaning will give you! And then send some over here! :D I'm so overwhelmed with what needs doing that I just do nothing some days.