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    At the end of this school year, Kanga will have been at the current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for two years. She would like to move to a more community based environment, her therapist supports this and so do we. So we are beginning the process of applications for other RTCs. We have found one that looks appropriate, so please keep your fingers crossed that they do find she is a match, that they will have a bed open this summer, and that we can get the educational piece in place (which involves two school districts working with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)!), and that it is as good as it sounds.

    Of course, my biggest worry is that she will be "great, wonderful" for them during her honeymoon and we will be back to having to attempt visits that we know she is not ready for in order to 'show' them that she cannot handle it.
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    Crossing fingers for you!
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    Crossing fingers!
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    That sounds promising! How long does the process take before you find out?
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    JJJ, sounds hopeful ~ don't borrow trouble that may not come (thinking Kanga's honeymoon). It's not worth the emotional energy.

    Will be keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Crossing fingers!
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    Thinking good thoughts, twisting all body parts and saying a prayer!
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    Our grant case manager has to submit the application (hopefully this week). Then the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) has to determine that she is eligible for an interview. Then I will go to tour the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and the schools. Then current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) will need to work with new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to have Kanga interviewed by several different clinicians at the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC). If/when they accept her, we will need to negotiate a start date that minimizes the impact on school (basically will she go to summer school at current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (my preference) or at new Residential Treatment Center (RTC)), then we will need to have an IEP meeting with (1) home district (2) current placement (3) new district to determine classroom placement.

    Then when all those stars align, we will start a transition with Kanga at about 4 weeks before placement change.

    **I will try not to borrow trouble - I do struggle with that :)
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Fingers crossed that this can work out for all of you!
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    Fingers crossed.

    Perhaps having info from the current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) will temper any "honeymoon" created drama the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) might otherwise entertain, too....