Karen - KFLD?


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How are you doing? Your family must be really stressed right now. I wanted you to know that you are in out thoughts...


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Thanks for checking in on me. I'm hanging in there, just trying to organize everything.

There is a very small service being held in Florida this afternoon with my dad, my uncle, 2 aunts and some of their close friends and neighbors. Very short and sweet and then they will go out to dinner together. It was my mothers wish that we didn't all jump on airplanes and run down there, which isn't easy to not do, but it's what she wanted.

My dad and my aunt, who is my moms sister, will fly here to CT. on Monday afternoon with her ashes. I am in the process of organizing a celebration of her life at a hall nearby. My mom never wanted a traditional wake and funeral, so we are doing what we know would mean the most to her. Friends, family, food from her favorite restaurant and a quick service at the hall. My dad was very happy with these arrangements. My daughter and I will spend the weekend gathering pictures to make a collage.

I'll feel much better when my dad is here on Monday and then I can help him with everything.

Thanks again for thinking of me.


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Sounds like a wonderful plan. It should be comforting for all of
you and trigger warm memories of your Mom when she was in good health. Hugs. DDD


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Such a tough thing to go through. My best friend's husband committed suicide 3 weeks ago. Given all the yucky stuff that goes on with this, I could NOT attend the post-funeral get together. That is the last thing I would personally want to host. Simple is good. He was retired military, so there was a very formal funeral which nearly killed us all.

What I did do was write my friend a letter and held it to the time when all the exterior family and friends had left. I gave it to her this last week. The photo montage will probably the best thing for memories.

Hang in there.



<span style='font-family: Courier New'>Karen,

I am so very sorry for your loss.

You are doing well by sticking with your Mom's wishes. I think that will provide you with some peace and comfort.

Being there for your Dad will be good for both of you.

Wishing you peace and strength for what you have to go thru, grieving is hard work. </span>


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Karen, your mom sounds like she was a smart woman....The hardest part for your dad will be when everyone goes home and he is alone..the quiet will be deafening.... Will he be living in alone in Florida? Forgot if you mentioned his living arrangements before....

The celebrations sound very meaningful.....thinking of you and your family......


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It sounds as though she is taking care of her family still, making sure that there isn't a big reason for upset and distress. She must have been a wonderful woman.


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The arrangements you made sound good. Having a nice memorial for her with her friends, family and favorite food sounds like a nice way to remember your mom.

I am sure going through the pictures will be bittersweet.

Take Care.