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    I posted quite some time back (a few months ago) that although I had heard rumors I had a little sister (my father having had another child), I had it confirmed earlier this year.

    I've never had contact with any family on fathers side, and my father is a sick sick sick disturbed man who I could happily never see again in my life. My fathers siblings, who also don't communicate with him, tracked me down via facebook. Even my grandfather! They are wonderful people. I've grown very close to one particular aunt of mine.

    Through meeting them online, I have learned more about my father and there is potentially a big court case coming for all us women on that side of my family to hopefully have my father locked up for a long long time (he's sick sick sick). I then had cause to contact children's aid where I learned my sister lives. (She also found me on her own on facebook, she's only 11 but tracked me herself!!!) I was appalled at the history of my little sisters life. She currently lives with her mother (a wackjob) and has no contact to my father any longer. My father sexually attacked my sisters older sister (from a different father, no relation to me). My sister has spent time in foster car and the worker is still very involved. The worker and I have an arrangement that should the need arise to remove my sister from her mothers home, that the worker will contact me to place her here instead of in a foster home.

    So my sister and I chat daily on facebook and MSN. She is such a sweetheart and I am filled with happiness everytime she pops up online. She's grown very comfortable with me, accepts me as her sister and has begun to tell me she loves me, she even confides some personal things in me. I get warm fuzzies just thinking of her :)

    So she is coming to visit me NEXT SATURDAY :) :) :) It is also the day of my friends wedding, so she is coming along with easy child and myself to the wedding and reception. It should be so much fun. Her and I are both so excited, not sure which of us is more excited lol. She lives about 3 hours away, her mother is bringing her here (my sisters grandmother lives nearby). I am going to take a trillion pictures and I'll try to figure out how to post them. She should enjoy the reception evening even more since her and easy child are only a year apart in age. I can't wait to see if we share any mannerisms hehe.

    Life feels good today. Great actually. I just wanted to share :)
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    That sounds like it will be a great day!!! I hope you guys have a blast and get to know each other better. I'm glad her mom is ok with you two getting to know each other. I think it's also great that you are willing to step up if sis needs you to.

    As for photos....it's easy peasy! Go to www.photobucket.com and sign up for an account. (free) Once you are there, click on UPLOAD PHOTOS OR VIDEO and upload from your computer. (click on the BROWSE button to choose each photo. you should be able to do multiple ones at a time.) Once they are in your album in photobucket, you can add titles or captions. Also, if you put your cursor over a picture (but don't click on it), a little box will come up showing different links. One is titled DIRECT LINK....click on that to highlight it, go to edit (or wherever you go on your computer to COPY), COPY it, and then come here (or wherever) and paste that link in your post. If you have any other questions...feel free to PM me.