Kate and the Lamictal..


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Lamictal seems to be showing its self again, for the good!!!
Ther has been no complaints about Kate in her facility, the wkend was a nice and enjoyable one. Therapist says she is doing great. God I pray this keeps going this time. As you might remember the last time on Lamictal it worked wonderfully for only 2 months. Then things went down hill from there. I am worried if she keeps doing so well they will release her and then it will wear off. keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!! She is only at 50 mg. now due to be uped this week. Has anyone ever seen a medication for bipolar work then just stop, even when it got uped in mgs.? Lamictal is the only medication that ever showed anything on Kate. Thanks , Kathy :smile:


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Right now she is probably showing the placebo effect because she is on a really low dose. It takes awhile to get into the system which is why they titrate it up so slowly.

Yes some medications do poop out after awhile but she has a ways to go on her dose.


My son is also on Lamictal. His doctor wanted him on 200mg. However, on that dose, he was more aggitated. He does best on a dose of 100- 150mg. Good luck with this!


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When my son first started taking Lamictal, he was also taking Seroquel, and we had problems whenever he didn't take the Seroquel as well. After he had been on both medications for about ten months, he discontinued the Seroquel, and at that point seemed fine on just the Lamictal. I've read that Lamictal doesn't work for acute episodes of mania, but does decrease cycling.

Also, even though he did very well on Lamictal, there were times when he was difficult, such as when he didn't get enough sleep, etc. The adults on here can speak to that better than I can, but I've read that it's very important for those with bipolar to keep a regular schedule, and it seems to hold true for my son.

I forgot to add there's a Bipolar Child newsletter that talks about Lamictal working TOO well at certain times of the year:


Look under the heading "Special Seasonal Considerations with Lamictal and All Mood Stabilizing Treatments," toward the bottom of the page.


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We started seeing an improvement in my son at even 25 mg. so perhaps it is doing her some good. Could she have just needed a higher dose last time?

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We saw improvement at first when my difficult child was on lamictal but for him I think it was the placebo effect-it didn't last long. I'm hoping this really works for your difficult child and am glad to hear you are seeing positive effects!