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    and others who helped E thru homework...I just want you to know the effort wasn't frutile- I got E's grades in and given the way this sd's program works, this would be the equivalent to a semester grade- he had 2 As and 2 Bs. Thank you all who helped him thru the tough spots! It didn't go unnoticed by either of us.
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    Aww, klmno, I was glad I could help. I was thinking about you today. . . I know the holiday must have been hard.


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    Teachers make a difference- don't ever forget it- and I love your photo of the dog!
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    I just realzied I misspelled that word so bad- my brain doesn't work right anymore. LOL
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    That's my Buddy in the picture. I think he is pretty cute, too.

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    Your note makes me smile, Klmno. :) Hugs.