Kay has COVID....we think


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Well, well, well.

She called and because she is blocked she texted us about COVID from somebody else's phone. It came to both of us and gave us her new number. Or this number, whomever it belongs to.

My husband and me sat up half the night deciding whether to call or not. She didn't tell us much so we decided to call this morning and to be very cautious. Understand, this could have been a lie to get money from us and emotionally we have moved on and Jaden is safe and now in Amy's legal custody. So my husband called and I listened.

Husband. Hi Kay. Sorry you got COVID. (He waited for her to talk)

Kay broke into tears and said she is very sick and scared and coughed a.little.

My tears started. I was glad not to be the one talking.

Husband; (calmly) Did you get a test?


We looked at each other and he shrugged. Then he went.on.

Did you see a doctor?

I don't have.money!!!

You have Medicaid. (Calm)

We heard sobs then a belligerent "Doctors here don't like to take it "

In the background we heard Lee, loud and clear, saying "cut the crap. You did see someone."

She shut.up.

Husband. "What did the doctor say?"

"He said if it gets worse call him."

My husband said okay then told her to do that. That we were in our state and couldn't do anything and it sounded.like she was in good hands. He kept calm.

Her: "I'm scared.,"

Note: Kay is a hypochondriac so I believed her and cried harder. I wasn't going to but I signaled for husband to give me phone. He looked tentative but I nodded and he slowly gave it to me. I thiought hard of Nar Anon before I spoke. I wanted to berate her for all she had done to us and for never calling.us and for probably being careless and getting sick because of that, but I didn't.

"Hi. I love you and I'm sorry you are sick."

"If you were sorry you'd come." Then a quick Yeah, me too."

My heart was doing odd flip flops. "You are far away. Lee is there. You aren't alone."

Maybe I said the wrong words. She was quiet. So was I. Then....

"I'm afraid I'll die. People die from this."

"You won't. You are young and strong " I wiped my dripping tears.

Long.pause then she said "Yeah I just think it's a hoax and exaggerated anyway." Now she sounded hardened.

She had shocked me. She is calling me about COVID and her fear.of.it, now THIS? It's real. I have it. I'm scared but it's not real anyways. This is what she does. Confuses us. Says one thing then contradicts what she says.

There was a long.payse and my husband put his arm around me. "She is not stable" he whispered to me so soft I could barely hear him but I did. I blinked my wet eyes.

"Ok." That's all I said. I wanted to ask her if she.missed us but I didn't. "Just take it easy if you feel sick."

"Well, Lee wants me to get off.now. So I have to go."

My heart sank and I broke into a flood.of new tears and handed the.ohone.back toy husband. He said "it was good to hear your voice."

She.hung up.

This conversation is not verbatim. It's close though. She didn't ask for money but if she is starting to call, that may be next.

We both cried all day and unblocked her just.in case. Just in case what??? She hadn't even mentioned Jaden. That got me upset.

So we are spiraling, but not as much as we would.have.once. Both of.us are going to Nar Anon tonight and I can't wait to be there. Thank God there.is a meeting close by.

I doubt this ever eds. I thought it had. We were doing great. Right.now I am angry and sad and need to pull myself together.

Just sharing. Love and.prayers to all.
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BusyNMember, I hear you loud and clear and I understand the pain and confusion.
I hope going to Nar Anon helped you. I hope it got things in perspective and you felt more balanced when you left.
I have been where you are many times. The frustration and agony! I remember heading straight to the swimming pool to swim off my stress.

So maybe this time she has grown up enough to want to make a positive change.?? Maybe even a little.
The mix of emotions that you feel now are so overwhelming....
It is truly awful that she did not even mention her son. So terribly sad.

I am not sure it ever ends either because the love that is still there. If the love was not there it would be easier to cut the cord.
My prayers are with you. I felt your entire post. I am so sorry.

Strength and prayers, clear thinking and love sent to you.


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Oh Busy, I'm sorry she's ill and I'm sorry you are having to deal with the fallout. I hope sharing what happened has helped you feel a little better. I'm so glad you have a supportive husband. Sending you a virtual hug.


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Thanks for answering.

I feel a lot better today. The meeting helped and we are doing an outdoor activity with the kids and grands today. It's chilly but safer to be outside We both have had our first vaccines so we feel safer. Second.ones are this week.

Kay did not call back.

I think my biggest disappointment is that Kay and Lee don't seem interested in their son. Jaden asks about them.. "Where they go?" He has very delayed speech and that is how he asks. Mainly he seems happy. He does have autistic meltdowns.

Jaden has all his shots now that Amy has legal custody. But he had autism before he had any shots. This poor baby struggles but he has stability now.

Thanks to those who care ❤️❤️❤️


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Thank goodness Jaden is safe with Amy. He is so much better off. I'm sure his speech and his overall development will improve now he is in a stable home situation and getting all the proper care he needs. Of course this will take time, but there is no doubt in my mind that he will thrive under Amy's care.

It must break your heart that Kay and Lee don't seem to care about Jaden anymore. That must be so hard for you to witness. I'm glad you have the support of your husband and your other children.


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Hi BusynMember,

Sorry to hear about Kay. I am glad that you were able to hear her voice. I am also happy that the meeting helped you reset. It sounds as if Jaden is in a healthy environment. How long has Jaden been with Amy. If Kay had Covid, she should be recovered by now, like you said, shes's healthy. I pray your mind stays strong and positive, yu deserve happines. Passing a virtual tissue!