Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by hexemaus2, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. hexemaus2

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    We're about to head out the door for an impromptu weekend getaway to the mountains.

    I decided last weekend that the boys and I needed a weekend of fun and frolic before the holiday crazies start. So, I booked a real, authentic 125 year old cabin in the mountains for this weekend. (It's a real cabin, but the owners made sure to retrofit it with electricity, running water, even central heat & air some years ago. It even has a full kitchen now.)

    I may be completely out of my mind, but the difficult children and I will be spending the next 5 hours on the road, then the next 3 days and 2 nights exploring the Smoky Mountains - Cherokee, The Blueridge Parkway, etc.

    I'm excited! I think it's the perfect reward for all the work I've been doing lately & the difficult children beautiful behavior since shortly before Thanksgiving.

    Keep your fingers crossed that we all weather the trip with no gfgness, no attitudes, and no new gray hairs. :)

    See you guys when we get home!
  2. janebrain

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    Hope you have a wonderful time! It sounds heavenly!
  3. PatriotsGirl

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    Enjoy - we have always wanted to do a weekend trip to the Smokies :)
  4. TerryJ2

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    Oh, Hexamaus, that sounds wonderful! I hope everyone behaves and has a fantastic time. That's the perfect getaway!
    Stay safe. :Grouphug:
  5. hexemaus2

    hexemaus2 Old hand

    Well, we are home and everyone is still in one piece. Wow!

    difficult child 2 had a bit of a time Saturday night/early Sunday morning. He showed his rear at breakfast, demanding that everyone sit at the table with him for a family breakfast. Given that he had irritated the snot out of everyone the night before, no one was much in the mood to hang out Sunday morning. (Especially given that difficult child 2's mood had not improved.) But luckily, it was a short-lived rear end showing. Phew!

    Once difficult child 2 walked outside and realized everything was covered in snow, his mood changed dramatically and we were able to enjoy the rest of our last day.

    Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. SO came & he's never really spent much time with my family (for obvious reasons...I tend to keep my love life and my family life quite separated.) This was the most time he has spent with all of us at one time. I guess he survived life with difficult children for a whole weekend - he's still speaking to me today. lol.
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    My difficult children always reminded me of the fact that they are difficult children at least a few times (usually lots of times!) while on vacations... Glad you had such a fun weekend!!! SFR