Kept it short and sweet with difficult child this morning

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Feb 16, 2011.

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    I met difficult child at the bank this morning because he asked me to cash his check for him because his license was taken the other day when he got pulled over and realized it was suspended. He doesn't have a bank account, so can't cash his check now without a photo i.d.

    I cashed it, handed him his money, asked him if he wanted me to hold any of it for him and he said nope, by the time I pay the hotel for the week and pay dad back I won't have much left. I said o.k., have a good day and left!! He had the loser friend who is living at the hotel with him in the passenger seat and I didn't even look at him or acknowledge him.

    He knows I'm in the alanon mode :)
  2. Hound dog

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    Good for you Karen.

    I'd have taken it a step further and not cashed the check. But I'm mean. lol
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    Kudos to you! Detachment is power.
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    I hate to say it, but I wouldn't get involved in anything involving daughter difficult child and checks/banks. She got involved in some kind of scam where they open up an account, deposit bad checks via an ATM, then try to withdraw money right away (I guess the bank will sometimes let you have 10% of the deposit right away). She was the dummy who opened up the account in her name, and then gave the ATM card to a "friend" so he could deposit money - yes, of course there are people who want to give you $3,000 for no reason. Can't figure out if she was just incredibly dumb or part of the scam. Either way, it's dumb and criminal.
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    Kfed -

    Did you say ALAMOM mode?

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    The only reason I cashed his check is because it is his paycheck, so I know it is real :) and yes Star I am in ALAMOM mode!!
    His father called me last night to tell me difficult child never contacted him to pay him back the money he loaned him for the hotel the other night. I'm not surprised!! His father doesn't help him very easily, so he just really bit the hand that fed him.