Ketamine infusion therapy


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Has anyone tried this or know of others who have tried this for severe depression?
Supposed to have a 70-80%success rate.

I have not been on this forum in almost two years and am still living the same nightmare... similar to Wavering Faith. how is she doing and how is her son doing?
Our lives were parallel at one point.

Anyway trying this for my son soon as it is my only hope.

I have researched this and talked to many doctors and psychiatrists who tell me this is a great treatment.

Thank you


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Yes ... he has tried them.

I don't know what he has, but this is my last hope. He hasn't left his room in 3 weeks as he is suffering with tinnitus and has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. That is not his only problem, but he blames a lot of his issues on the ear ringing.
I am hoping these ketamine infusions will help as everyone I have spoken with says it will.
I will let you know how it works after the treatments. He is medication resistant