Keyana acting up? Hmmm

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Feb 5, 2010.

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    We called this afternoon to ask about when to pick up the princess and momma told us she had been misbehaving the last couple of weeks so she had decided that neither Keyana or her brother were going to be able to visit with grandparents/parents until behavior improved.

    Well...that didnt sit too well with me so I told a little white lie and said we had already bought tickets to a kids jamboree we wanted to take Keyana to this weekend. I know, shoot me. I just dont think taking away visitation is an appropriate punishment for a child. Especially a 3 year old.

    Keyana has been acting up the past couple of weeks when we go to return her to her mom's. She cries inconsolably the entire way back about how she "doesnt want to leave her Daddy. I want my Daddy. Dont make me go to my mommy!" Breaks my heart. I dont think there is anything going on other than they dont let her call us when she wants to call. She has no problem going from Cory's house to our house because she knows the minute she says...take me back or let me call...we do. They dont.

    Now Mommy has said that Keyana is talking back at school and being mean. Ok...maybe she is upset. I can see that. She can have a bit of an attitude from time to time and I know her momma can have an attitude so Im sure she hears it at home! Lets face it, kids will say what we say.

    I dont think 3 is old enough to do week long punishments...or two week long punishments. She needs at LEAST daily rewards. She could probably succeed with a basic behavior modification system because she does want to please.

    I think I am going to work out a basic behavior chart for her for both Keyana and Cameron and make some Bux for her. Lord knows I have enough experience in this area to nip anything in the bud! LOL.
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    Oh sweet heavens...they are suspending her for acting up!!!! From headstart!

    LOL. I dont think even Cory managed that one! And she isnt hitting or throwing things...she is talking back and being sassy. Oh puleaze!

    Obviously I need to go down to the school and attend to my youngin.
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    You go WG (warrior grandma)
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    That sweet young thing...I think some teachers are in for it! Go Grandma Janet!!
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    Well...obviously the suspension and whatever else they have attempted havent worked because Keyana has NO CLUE what she has done All she knows is she is in trouble because she got a note sent home!

    I asked her if she was mean to someone. She doesnt know. I asked her if she talked to much in class. She doesnt know. I asked her if she got sent to time out a bunch of times. She said well she went a couple of times. I asked if she hit anyone. No. I asked her if she yelled at anyone. No. I asked if she said any bad words. No.

    I asked if she was my good girl and she said yes. Sigh.