Keyana mom is making me mad

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    After we have had her almost every weekend and sometimes for weeks on end for her entire life, we have only seen her for one weekend since the first weekend in August. Even the weekend that Jamie came down when we called her and asked if she would bring Keyana over or let us come get her, she claimed she had something going on. BS.

    Now I find out that she is all up in arms because Keyana is in the midst of potty training and the time we did have her when I returned her to her other grandmoms house, Keyana pooped in her pull-up while me and her other grandmom were talking AT HER HOUSE! Not in my car, not just with me...but while we were both together. But even so...come on. She is not even 2 and a half. We all just started this the beginning of August. Thats when it was all decided between the two or three go ahead with the potty training. It does make it more difficult when there are three places a kid lives I know this but if she thinks for one minute she is going to keep her away just because she had an accident she better think again.

    If she keeps this up, when she gets tired of playing mommy I just may not be in the mood to play grandma. Lindsey is going to have another baby here soon...the end of December and she will not want to have much to do with Keyana Im sure. Its her MO. I have always been very cordial and nice to her to keep up the relationship but if this keeps going I will change. Dont play a wont win.
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    Keyana's Mom is such a moron. I'd hoped this had been straightend out. Can't say I blame you. Aubrey is finding potty training a bit difficult because of our house, Daddy's house (daddy isn't at all consistant) and daycare. She's trying, and not doing to bad considering but no where near considered trained yet.

    Little ones have accidents on occasion. The world doesn't end.

    Yep, probably one time of not being overly eager to play grandma would be enough to cure her of playing games with you.

    And the all around loser is Kayana. Really stinks.

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    Well that just stinks. Wow, a pun.;)

    When I was potty training my girls, one of the best incentives for them to tell me they 'had to go' was to have it run down their legs a few times. Consistency - wow another pun - is key. Keyana's mom is indeed a moron. Maybe you should send her a book about potty know, the kind they write to help little toddlers understand about using the potty so she realizes that accidents are not only expected but OKAY. Yeesh!

    I hope this gets cleared up soon so you can visit with your little gd.