Kiddo had a bad day again

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by HaoZi, Nov 21, 2011.

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    and I feel like I'm not getting the whole story from her. She's not allowed in her regular classroom the rest of the week, but says all she did was throw some pencils (could be construed as throwing them at someone, which she didn't intend this time) and kicking a water fountain. She's had shorter removals for throwing a desk at a classmate, and once again I have no paperwork stating what happened. It might be in the mail, sometimes they do that instead of sending it home with her. I have an email in to her teacher to find out.

    She's obviously not feeling well and that does contribute, and once again this was over her disappointment in her own test scores. :sigh:

    In other news I met with another of her SpEd workers today and we did the paperwork to apply for the autism wavier waiting list (said list being approximately 10 years long right now if she qualifies). Same worker is also willing to help me do the paperwork to apply for disability for Kiddo, which was suggested by a higher up SpEd person in their office. My worry there is that I'll need an atty for that one since it sounds like everyone has to fight for it, and can't afford it. I need to get one for the divorce stuff anyway, since her father wants me to put this child on a plane by herself and send her down for the summer. Yeah... because he has any clue on handling her and any way to get her the medications and docs she needs while keeping his other kids safe.

    I'm gonna go over to my corner and have a little stress-induced breakdown for a bit (i.e. I'm going to watch homicide and forensics shows to relax, how messed up is that?).
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    Wow- you are really doing a great job staying on top of things and getting services started- or at least applied for. I can't believe a waiting list would be that long...well, maybe I can but it's a shame. Yes, you definitely need a stress reducer. ((HUGS))
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    Poor kiddo and even poorer mommy. I feel for you HaoZi. Illnesses really do a number on our kids don't they. difficult child 1 is also SEVERELY affected by ANY sleep issue too, even if it's just having to get up to go to the bathroom during the night. It's tough on all of us. I agree there must be something more for her to be kicked out of the classroom for a whole week. That seems extreme if she got less for throwing a desk.

    Do WHATEVER you need to do to relax!! Sometimes watching those kinds of shows CAN be relaxing. For me, just watching what I want on tv is relaxing.
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    Since the waiver is a life long option, ten years is still worth getting on the list. And that is the same everywhere but I know a girl who got right on...they have times when they bump people up for emergency waivers... the psychiatric we work with wrote the county, said the funds didn't cover him but he felt if anyone could use a cadi waiver it was this family.... so she got it within two weeks. sometimes the budget does change and more open up, that is how we got ours. Seems unlikely now, but you never know. It can be so good for her when it comes to housing or therapies or supports after highschool so it really is important to just stay on the list. I filled otu forms for a student and he got SSI first go around. It is not always a fight, just most of the time. Get someone who can really explain how her disability will permanently affect her life. That is how I worded it for my part of the forms. I said how it impacts him etc. NOT teh time to say what a great kid he or she is! Just sharing that there is a chance!!! we can hope, smile

    ARC helps fill out SSI forms and other agencies will help advocate for you if denied so you may not have to pay a lawyer. I hope not! hugs, Buddy
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    Thanks ladies! I have been procrastinating some of it because it just seems so difficult and pointless at times if it doesn't help her. I was told that while the current wait is 10-11 years that about 8 would be more realistic because people move or get private help and turn down the waiver on their turn, which would put her in right as she's out of high school and if needing adult help the timing would be right. The disability stuff is totally daunting to me. Even with Dad willing to pay for a divorce atty (or at least a good portion of it) finding a good one and getting it on the terms I want that are best for Kiddo with the least stress... I still think that'll be a loud uphill battle that's going to cause a lot of bad reactions among the rest of his family. I like them and I know how they can be when they feel slighted, and I don't want to deal with it.
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    I didn't realize you were going thru that for some reason. so sorry.... you need to do what you feel is best. What I am learning right now, this very week, is that it is true, it is worth the discomfort of doing what I feel in my heart right now, because in the long run I wont have to look back with regrets. I hope you feel that too as you move forward.
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    We've been separated for almost eight years, it's just arguments and paperwork as far as that goes. And the side trips to the Bulldog Shrine now and then ;)
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    Seems there was plenty more to it, and today wasn't any better. If she can't get it together she's going to end up in the SpEd room for the rest of the school year.