Kiddo shops like a guy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by HaoZi, Dec 3, 2011.

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    So we go to this Santa breakfast thing, and there's a shop for the kids to buy presents for their parents, etc., and another area where the presents are wrapped for them. $2/present. I send her in with $20 to buy stuff for me, her teacher, therapist... you get the idea.

    She comes back out with $18 and tells me she got me something for my truck.

    So anyway, we went back in (not to return it, I still have no idea what it is, lol) and got her teacher and therapist something and I helped her pick out a couple more things. I hope the picture I took of her with Santa came out okay so I can get some prints to send to y'all in this year's card.
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    That is like a

    Cory came to me the other day and asked me what he should get for Mandy. I started saying well, you might consider those Pandora bracelets because he could add a charm each special occasion. Charms are only about 25 bucks. Not sure how much the actual bracelet is to start but Im sure they have budget styles. He looks at me and says...well I was thinking more along the lines of something she could use like Daddy always got you when we were know like waffle makers or vacuum cleaners.

    Oh boy...nothing says merry xmas like a waffle maker. Now for me it did because we were so poor that any excuse to get an appliance was good and Cory is in the same situation but I dont think Mandy is going to see it the same way. Maybe she will surprise me. Heck, the first several years after I had kids, I got nothing because it was only about the kids. My kids are lucky because they have parents who still care enough to get them something.
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    I have to laugh even more now. I got my neighbor (bit of a difficult child in her own right) a waffle maker for xmas. She opened it yesterday and it took me and Kiddo 20+ minutes to convince her that A) she did not need to buy frozen waffles to go in it (!!!) and B) you can make waffles from pancake mix. OMW, she's in her 20s and has a 4 month old, and no one has taught her this.
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    Well...Cory wants a waffle I have my moms antique waffle maker up in my kitchen. He badly wants me to give it to him. I have explained to him it isnt safe and I dont know where the power chord is. I probably could find it somewhere in this house. I have an inkling where I last saw it but it was in really bad shape so I dont think it would be wise to use it.

    This waffle maker is so old that it was given to my mom and dad when they got married. Its probably 60+ years old now.
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    I picked up her waffle maker at a black Friday sale for just under $3, but the regular price was under $10, so wouldn't have been bad either way.
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    Wow... I shop like a guy, too. Go, get it, leave. Do NOT like shopping. Online shopping is my FRIEND.

    Funny thing... I always ask for practical stuff. Tires, a griddle, a new Crock Pot, and one year, a new mattress (all the parents chipped in and we got a NICE one). I love the not-so-practical, thoughtful gifts, too...
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    Aubrey went to her breakfast and santa secret shop thing today too. She came back out with a teacher in tow (parents and grandparents weren't allowed in....that is who the kids were buying for) turned out she had 2.00 left and wanted to buy a present for the cats. Since Nichole hadn't included cats on her list of who to buy for, teacher wanted to clear it with mom first. lol All gifts purchased came wrapped up for free. It was cute. Nichole will take her to the dollar tree to buy presents for her aunt and uncle and cousins.
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    I miss having a Dollar Tree nearby. The one here went out of business not long after we moved here.