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    easy child has been having some trouble with "mean girls" in her class. This particular group of girls are just plain wicked. Unbelievable for second graders.

    Their Mom's are all in a clique and know everyone's business. The ring leader has several family member's who work at the school so she knows alot of personal information about students.

    I have said more than once that if difficult child's private information is spread around town I will have huge pickets signs and have CNN pay a visit.

    The Principal is a gossip as well. The good thing is I do know the Superintendant and if need be I will pay him a visit and name drop galore.

    Our school district has had so much scandal and drama over the years that this would be swept under the rug so quickly.

    I am angry right now and rambling I know ....

    husband and I continue to keep the lines of communication open with easy child and difficult child but they still have such a hard time.

    Just don't know how to handle this. Speaking with the parents is a joke. They are definetly the type to say "not my child !"

    I am so frustrated right now!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    When my difficult child 2 was getting bullied by kids in school, all it took was an email to the teacher in whose class it was happening, the vice principal, and the resource teacher with a cc to husband. Our district has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying of any type. If your district has a policy in writing, you should copy it and send it with your very valid concerns to the administration as well as your easy child's teacher. You don't even need to speak to the parents. Schools have a responsibility to keep our kids safe from ALL types of harm.
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    So disheartening that this stuff is happening at a younger and younger age as years go on. However, like you have figured out, they are just copying their parent's behaviors. So tempting to join in the adult's "games" of name dropping but that will only increase the problems. You will only be enterring their world and you know that behavior is unacceptable even though "everyone" is doing it. So, you take the appropriate approach even though it seems the hardest.

    A letter outlining the situation in the most professional way (as if a therapist was writing it) without names (but titles are allowed) sent to whoever the principal answers to may be helpful.

    Start the letter out stating that you are going to that level because you feel that the levels up to that point (principal) is also contributing to the situation. Describe what you child is facing (without using names) and that you believe a lot of the problems stem from personal information being shared outside of the needs of the school. Ask why certain information that only you and the school staff know about is public knowledge in the classroom.

    Keep as much emotion out of the letter as possible outside the strong message that you are standing firm about doing the right thing to correct this situation.
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    P.S. If this is handled correctly by the principal's supervisor then your name shouldn't even be involved in the investigation as to why student's confidential info is becoming public information.