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    In your families, do your kids each give a gift to every adult/member? Or do they just assume they will be included in the "family" gift to other people?

    EACH of my kids, EVERY year, feels they MUST give a gift to EVERY SINGLE member of the family. Not just dad and mom and siblings, but to aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents too.

    They don't go together, though they will help each other out if one comes up short or needs help with something they are making.

    I am not sure if other families do this or not.

    Jessie didn't have much money, so she took and baked. And baked. And baked.

    and she even cleaned up after.

    thank you bought some small gifts. he also painted some small items I let him choose at Hobby Lobby. AND we had a bunch of little items from the college recruiting fairs husband works at for his company. Pads of paper, pens, flashdrives, screwdrivers, etc... I let thank you pick from some of that stuff.

    At first this season it sent me into a panic. We just do NOT have $ for each kid to buy a gift for each person, even at the Dollar Store. So first when I had a little I let thank you pick things to paint (I have a ton of paints). Then I told Jess she would have to get creative. I would HELP with ideas, and other stuff if she needed, but she needed to think about things to make, or items of her own in good shape to give away.

    Jessie asked husband about favorite foods on his side of the family. Anything with-peanut butter. So she and I looked online for a pbutter choc chip cookie recipe (it is awesome, better than our reg choc chip cookie recipe!). husband & I paid for the ingredients, and she used containers we had at home. She also baked brownies on a jelly roll pan so they would be thinner, then cut them with cookie cutters (My suggestion). It took 2 batches to get the baking time right. She worked HARD for 3 days straight doing this.

    Wiz had projects from his vocational program that he made for us. husband and I got these interesting steel squares, that are gradually taller. 4 of them. They are to help stabilize tables or chairs that are uneven, rather than shoving a book under them. He gave my bro a set of various threaded pieces of metal he had drilled holes through. They are projects he did at school that did not work out properly. He said it was a "Do It Yourself Windchime Kit"

    It just meant so much to me to see them thinking and working and planning to GIVE to others. (thank you didn't even have a fit when he couldn't have $79 to buy all the stuff from the Santa Shop at school he wanted to get! He didn't cry, whine, or even act disappointed!)

    anyway, do your kids do this stuff too?
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    Nope. My kids don't even give eachother gifts consistently. But then, they rely on me to take them out to shop. This year, difficult child 2 and easy child were willing and active participants and chose stuff to give their sibs and their dad. Plus they had stuff they'd made at school to give us, too. difficult child 1 couldn't be bothered to go shopping, so he didn't have anything to give the sibs (there was one gift easy child helped me pick out for all three to give husband so difficult child 1's name was just added). This morning, I pointed out the fact that he had nothing for his sibs, yet they both thought of him. He said, "Yeah, that was kinda stupid of me, huh? I'll have to try to do better next year." So maybe he'll be a bit more conscientious about it -- we'll see how well his memory works next year.

    It was a joy to see the other two, though, hand out their gifts to the others, knowing that they chose it and wrapped it all on their own (okay, well difficult child 2 only wrapped one, but he has a hard time with stuff like that so I did help). They really got a lot of pleasure out of doing this, I could tell :D

    I also usually have them choose something to give their respective godparents, because those people also always get stuff for the kids. And I know they enjoy giving those gifts to these adults in their lives. I think this time of year has many valuable teaching lessons for kids!
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    One thing I try to do with the kids is to have them think throughout the year about birthday and Christmas gifts for others. We give a lot of used gifts on my side, many times because some of the coolest books are out of print. Also because we like to try to give a nice donation to a group or adopt a family instead of spending large amounts on each other.

    Anyway, as we go to thrift stores or garage sales throughout the year I have the kids look at items through this "Would X or Y like htis?" viewfinder. So often I can pull out a tub of gifts each of them has purchased in the summer with allowance and they can clean it up if needed and then wrap. This year we just couldn't, mostly because I couldn't garage sale last summer.

    maybe this is how my kids started. That jsut occurred to me.
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    My kids grew up having to do that sort of thing. They loved it. mother in law even got in on the fun and helped us come up with ideas for things for them to make......and she came up with some good ones. Sounds like you guys did too. I love to see kids working hard to think of gifts and making it happen. And then I love to watch their faces as they eagerly wait for the reaction as their gifts are opened. Nothing like it in the world.

    Actually, easy child and I were just talking about this. lol She said Darrin took more interest in how his Daddy liked the video game he bought him (his own saved money) than he did his own presents. So cute.

    As the grands get older the girls plan to continue the tradition. The kids say it made xmas mean so much more to them. :)
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    difficult child made cards for each of us and used his last 10 dollars to buy husband a Best Buy gift card. easy child gave me two Olive wood crosses and explained the significance of it (which is a lot for a girl who right now is an Athiest-she knew how much it would mean to me).

    This is new-before they assumed they would be in on the family gifts and to an extent easy child still did that this year.
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    This year we just plain ran out of time to get easy child 2 and wee difficult child out to shop for each other, but normally, they do. The older boys are on their own, of course, and gave gifts to the little ones and notes mailed to each other. easy child 1 bought his best friend a gift, too, which I thought was awesome. We don't exchange gifts with adult members of extended family, so that's not really in their realm.

    Wee difficult child bought things at the Santa Shop at school for everyone, but in the chaos of his "last day of school", was not allowed to get them, so we will have gifts for later, I guess.
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    That's sweet that your kids do that! They are kind, and they come up with some good ideas, like school projects and baking. They're cherished as much, or more than anything expensive. My kids have now just started giving gifts to each other, difficult child is the only one who got husband and I something. What a sweetheart.-Alyssa