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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ladyann, Jan 19, 2012.

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    I have 6 kids that im raising on my own and here lately its been rough. My 5yr old Jon was diagnosed with O.D.D. a few months back we got medications and things seem to get better. But the past few days have been a nightmare. I do everything i can to not set him off but then ive got 5 other kids that then start acting out. I have a job of watching a 1yr old girl tue. to sat. for 7:30 am to 6p.m. I dont get out much and so i sometime take a timeout to recoup. In the past couple days the kids have managed to destroy the house they have taken food canned goods and all and spread across the house things have gotten broken and ruined. I dont just sit on my rear if thats what some are thinking. Most everythings happens if im dealing with infants or going to the bathroom. Ive taken away toys and treats and even mommy time. I dont know what else to do.
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    Let's start with the 5 year old. What medication did they give for ODD? Some medications can actually make things MUCH worse. Or....the dosage might need to be adjusted. Who diagnosed him? What kind of behaviors did he display that made you have him evaluated? Does he attend a pre-school or kindergarten? What are the ages of your other kids? Where is bio dad? Are there any mental health issues on either side of the family, diagnosed or not?

    Sorry for all the questions but we hate giving anyone advice without having a fairly clear picture of the situation. Others will come along, probably with more questions at first.

    You have found a wonderful, supportive place. There isn't anything someone (or more than one) have not already had to deal with. Welcome to our little corner of the world but am sooooo sorry you had to.
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    Hi... I think it for sure would be helpful to get more of a picture of your little guy. ODD for a youngster like that... may describe his behavior but the bigger question is why is he having those behavior challenges??? THAT is what is treated, both medication wise and behavior method wise.... so birth history, developmental milestones ok?? , what types of behaviors? When, where, what things do you use, not use, for discipline???

    Many of us have kids that no matter what you try that other parents find useful, doesn't work. I really feel for you, not only overwhelming but must be a little adult conversation deprived.

    For now, can you buy locks for your cupboards? I use the magnet lock ones... they are much harder than those dumb plastic things that kids quickly learn to push down and open. My 15 yr old can't open them unless he finds the magnet key but of course I keep it on me....and then hide it in the laundry room (right off the kitchen) when not in use.

    I realize this is probably be just one of the many things they get into but it sure helps to have some rooms that lock and they can't get into. Of course the goal is to have them stay only in approved areas even when you are not in sight. But while you are working on that......... locks are your friend.
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    Hi ladyann,
    I could not even imagine how difficult it must be for you.I'm only raising two, with my son being the issue. Like TeDo and buddy said. check for medical background and the locks for cabinets. Also, is there any friends and family that can help you out? Hugs