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    ... about CRAYONS from someone who hasn't bought things for little kids for many, many years! My grandson is 2-1/2 now and I wanted to get him some crayons and an old fashioned coloring book as a (very) little gift for Christmas. I was looking for those big fat crayons like we used to have in kindergarten when I was a kid and I can't find them anywhere! Do they even still make those things? And if they do, where do you find them? I can find regular crayons and all kinds of markers but not the fat crayons for the little kids.

    And isn't it funny when you see your own grown children going through the same things with their own kids that they put you through when they were little! Got an email from my daughter this morning saying that she never thought she'd hear herself saying the words, "Son, get your head out of the toilet!" And she included a picture of Ethan ... with his head in the toilet! He's become fascinated with flushing the toilet and watching the water swirl around and disappear and of course he wants to get a good close look!
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    Hello Donna,
    Here is a link to the Crayola "where to buy" page for the jumbo crayons.

    Crayola® Where to Buy

    Not sure whether you have any of these stores near you, but it's worth a shot.

    Tyrannosaur and Tyrantina have little crayons in weeble-shaped holders (also made by Crayola). I find them annoying, but the Monster Tots don't seem to mind them. AND since Tyrantina likes to use hers as lipstick (eeew) and nail colour, these ones let you put a very short insert into the holder to limit the amount of crayon available for them to make messes.

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    Thank you!
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    Now there's a situation you don't see every day...
    A person in America with a shopping problem, getting advice from people in Canada and France!
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    If you have a Meijer anywhere near, they sell them too.
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    I've seen them at walmart. No, I've bought them numerous times at walmart. You just have to look for them a bit. Over near school supplies they tend to have a big crayola section with the super large coloring books and artsy stuff they make. You can find them there.

    I spit coffee at the head outta the toilet deal. :rofl: Too cute, and such a blackmail moment for the future. lol
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    Wal-Mart. Check the toys, Christmas, arts, and the home office sections, never know where they'll hide them on a given day.
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    I have had the same issues with crayons. They dont make the same large crayons we had. They do make a 3 pack of HUGE triangle ones with 3 colors in the pack and then they make a pack with slightly smaller ones than the ones we had but a little larger than the regular crayons. I want good old fashioned, flat on one side, crayons.
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    You can also make them yourself. Just get reg crayons and peel them. Break them into small pieces and put them into a cleaned out can from veggies or something. Put that inside a saucepan. Put water in the saucepan until it is 1/2 way up the can and keep over very low heat (I use boiling water so it is already hot when I pour it around the crayon can) until the crayones are melted. The crayons should never touch the water - the can makes a basic double boiler that you don't have to clean.

    Pour the liquid into candy molds or whatever you want and let it cool.

    You can also put the broken crayons nto muffin tins lined with 2-3 paper liners and put them in the oven to melt (300-350 degrees). Watch them carefully until they melt. Then take them out, let them cool and then take them out of the tin and peel the paper off.

    If you want them bigger than what is sold in the stores, look for an Occupational Therapist (OT) supply store or novelty shaped crayons at party supply stores.
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    Janet, these are the nightmare crayons that Tyrantina uses to giver herself facials and manicures. The triangle part is a plastic housing that holds the crayon. Like a mechanical pencil.
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    No, Trinity, I had those too. Actually we used those first for Keyana and the little pieces came out too easy. Do you know those now play music?

    The ones I am talking about are just big long triangles. Maybe 1/2 inch on each side
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    I think the fat triangular shaped crayons are made by Melissa and Doug. Crayola makes the fat toddler-size crayons but I've had trouble finding them in the stores, but I'll keep looking. If all else fails, I can order them from Amazon because I know they have them.

    Melissa and Doug
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    Wow...wish I had known about those because the ones I bought were only 3 colors, blue red and green I believe in a pack for about 3 bucks at least. I swear they were crayola but maybe I am wrong. I will look the next time I am out. I know I never found the crayons for Keyana but we dont have a toysrus in my town, I have to drive 45 miles to get to one.
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    Me too, Janet! At least 45 miles! Actually, I'm almost done buying things for Ethan and haven't been in a store yet! Allison asked everybody to kind of go easy on the toys for him this year because he has so many now that he doesn't play with and his daddy's family always gets him toys too. He loves books and movies though. I ordered him a little kids' slide for the back yard because he's getting old enough to play outside more, and I got him several books and movies, some new pj's and a few other little things. Allison was off today but took him to day care anyway. Then she spent the whole day sorting through his mountain of toys and picked out at least half of them to either toss or give to Good Will. Some are things he's too old for now too but she didn't think he would miss any of them. Poor little child is so deprived!