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    difficult child has been seeing him for 6 months now. During one visit during the time difficult child was on 'mommy lockdown' for some BAD choices and refused to talk the psychiatrist was really great.

    So, I am concerned with recent irritability, sleep disturbances and some apathy and was speaking with psychiatrist while difficult child was being a punk! So psychiatrist starts the whole --i know your a teenager and know the transition is soon and I know your mom wants to be involved and I know she is overbearing and I know she annoys you been checking on you with the idiot coach and I know she loves you and I know she cares about and I know how annoying that can be and I know you guys are good friends...... and he has got my difficult child smiling and laughing

    And then talking about medication levels like a real human being.

    I am so glad i found a psychiatrist who is good with teenage boys ( and overbearing moms).
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    This psychiatrist sounds like a keeper!

    When you get a chance, would you please create a signature similar to mine below so we can keep the details of your family in mind while responding to your posts? I have no idea how old your difficult child is, what his diagnosis is, what medications he's taking, etc. Here's a link to an explanation of how to create a signature:

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    Hello Lizanne

    Its truly great to get a good doctor like that..we have been lucky too
    and we now have a lovely Indian man who has a smashing personality that would be hard not to like.

    The consultant who oversees my sons syndrome is a young man 30s
    very haughty. On one occasion I was expliaining my sons lack of interest in general life ie. playing his DS and Wii watching TV etc. He had the nerve to tell me that all those things were not good and how he would never allow his 3 young sons play with them.....hey! try having a handicapped son with no friends ,outlets etc.. you might even let him play with busses on the road LOL! Obviously I didnt say that to him but I was
    so disapointed and disillusuioned.

    Hope it all stays well for you!
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    In my difficult child 1's case it was just a matter of finding the right doctor. difficult child 1 did great just months after getting the right doctor...amazes me!