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    I've been doing various things since I got my internship, some to do with my academic field, some more in line with my hobby and previous work (design and illustration). I like working and helping fix stuff in general so I help out whoever I can, however I can, even if it's not my job. I never thought of those little by-the-way tasks as being related to anything: they're so small in and of themselves, and spread out across different people every day, so who would even notice?

    But apparently somebody - several people - did, and put in a word! I've been sitting in a dingy office downstairs with two nice but at times frustrating Young Muchly Macho Males. Now I get to move up to the warmth and light and free coffee whenever I want it, learning to do something I've never worked with before.

    Did I mention the free coffee? And the warm air, floating free of thickly aggregated testosterone? It truly does pay off to be as positive and helpful as possible. Karma, baby.

    I'll miss my guys, though. Today when they heard, they put on "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston saying they'd miss me :laugh:
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    Awww, that was sweet of those macho apes to do!

    Congrats, and YAY for FREE coffeeeeeee!!! :D Onward and upward, I say!
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    Cute, lol. Maybe they can come visit you in your new office sometime? Anyway, congratulations to you! What a wonderful surprise (and it sure sounds like) well deserved! :goodluck:
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    Awwww. LOL Maybe you can send them a Mae West clip and tell them to "Come up and see me sometime!" :cutie_pie:

    Sometimes it's the extra little things that gets you noticed. Great job!!! Enjoy the light, caffiene and fresh air!
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