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    I have been diagnosis. with the swine flu. It's a fast and hard hitter. Was fine this morning. Fine at lunch. About 1:15 started feeling "funny." By 3:00 knew I had fever. Got home, checked, temp 100.2. Went to dr's office---waited 10 minutes---temp 102.6 when nurse checked it. I'm am holed up in my room. Told family to stay away---waiting for Tamuflu to get here.
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    Ugh. Leave the piggies alone!!!!

    Hope it's as fast leaving as it is showing up.
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    Swine flu is rampant at my school. My students are going down like flies. The good news is that it seems to be relatively short lived for the flu. Many are back to school within 4 days.

    It's amazing because you can almost see it hit them. They seem fine and then all of a sudden tell me that they don't feel well. I sign their pass to the clinic and then immediately disinfect my hands. LOL.

    One boy came back from the clinic and said that he didn't have a temperature so they sent him back to class. That night, I got an email from his mom that said he had a 103 fever and he was out for the next three or four days.

    I haven't caught it yet (there seems to be some immunity for those of us of a certain age) but it is keeping me from visiting my brother who had a heart transplant in August. The doctor said that he couldn't be around anyone who had been exposed to the flu, chicken pox, respiratory infections, etc. within the last two weeks even if they themselves were not sick. Living in what seems to be the swine flu capital of the world meant that I couldn't make a planned trip down to visit him this weekend.

    Hopefully yours will run its course quickly! The good news is that you can't catch it again.

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    easy child believes what I had was swine flu. I dunno if it was or not......I matched the symptoms. Mine lasted little more than a week......but then with the kidney disease my body has much trouble fighting this sort of thing off anyway. So, like I pointed out to them....could've been the reg flu and I just had a more severe case of it.

    Regardless I took extra precaution. Did not go around the grands at all. Washed my hands so much they were chapped. And used a mask in class.........didn't go anywhere else in the school but straight in and out of class. Plus instructor Lysol's the rooms down every day. lol

    I thought Tamiflu doesn't help with h1n1?? Thinking I heard that somewhere.....might be wrong though.

    We've already had a grade school in the area close down because too many students were out far all are recovering ok though.

    Push fluids, juices....and some chicken soup just cuz it feels good. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Hope you get over it fast.

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    Have husband Lysol the house. I hope you feel better soon. I had the flu a few years ago for the first time ever. It hit me quick and hard, but was over fairly quickly.

    Kathy, I hope you don't get it. There are big jugs of hand sanitizer all over the school. Everytime the kids go out of the class for anything, they line up at the sanitizer. So far, our schools have been okay, but I'm sure it's a matter of time.
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    Hoping you are feeling much better very soon. Hugs.
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    It just hit my son's high school last week and it's just like you described: one day they were fine and the next 10% of the student body was home sick. The band director even did the unheard of and cancelled a practice and cancelled playing at the game in tonight's damp chilly weather so the kids could rest up.
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    Oops, meant to add that I hope you feel better ASAP, everywoman!
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    Have husband get you some soup and tea with-honey. Also, keep some bottled water near you. Feel better soon...

    We, too, have had a very high rate of absenteeism this week but it is believed to be seasonal flu, not novel H1N1. Poor Duckie missed three days this week with a nasty head cold... I just came down with it Wednesday evening. We're lucky that she got the cold (with a 101.8F temp, a moderate fever) rather than the flu that's circulating with a 103+F temp. It's so bad that our family doctor monitored her symptoms by phone rather than bringing in my asthmatic child with all the severely kids in the waiting room.
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    Here they are saying that it is too early for the seasonal flu and that any case of the flu is swine flu. Health officials have stopped testing and counting cases. Tamiflu is only being given to people that have been admitted into the hospital.

    A few of our students were hospitalized but are fine now. Most cases have been mild luckily.

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    Are you feeling better today, everywoman?
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    {{{Hugs}}} to you!
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    My good friend came by with soup, cornbread, brownies, magazines and dvds. This girl was my best friend in middle and high school. We did everything together for 5 years. Then we had a huge falling out, and I did not speak to her for a long time. We saw each other and were cordial, but we did were not friends. This summer we reconnected via facebook---and started getting together again and it is like we never drifted apart. The great thing about small town life is that the people who have known you your whole life usually remain a part of it forever. And in a crisis, you can count on them to step up and help out.

    I am still running a high fever. I am keeping it down by alternating tylenol and advil every couple of hours---if I go without, it spikes again to 102-103. I have a nasty cough. And I hurt---every inch of me. Even my toes and fingers hurt. But, I will get through this. Dr. did a chest xray yesterday just to check on my lungs and they are clear. My biggest concern is pneumonia--hopefully my last pneumonia shot will hold it at bay.
  15. Hound dog

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    You're lucky to have wuch a sweet caring friend. :) That was so nice of her to bring you those things. I hope she wore a mask though. ;) lol

    Tell husband he needs to be spoiling you rotten.

    I really do hope you get over it quickly.........and you are simply not allowed to get pneumonia! So there. :)

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    Take good care of yourself. I hear that for some though it hits hard, it passes quickly.
    My difficult child's bio dad got hit with it when it was first running rampant. Fine in the a.m. and admitted to hospital by the p.m.
    For some reason, it seems to not be hitting as hard at this stage. That would be a good thing with it becoming so prevelant.
  17. flutterby

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    difficult child was sick with the flu (don't know if it was swine flu or not) for over a week, got better for a couple days then got hit hard with a sinus and ear infection. Her immune system was compromised from the flu. She missed 6 days of school total from it.

    Something else to keep an eye on.

    I hope you feel better soon! Take care of you.

    ETA: From what I've read, it's contagious starting one day before symptoms start. Just FYI.
  18. SRL

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    They're just considering everything H1N1 here.

    Oh joy, I can just see this coming our way this week. It's been rampant through our high school this past week and we had 20 kids out of 120 missing on yesterday's band trip (plus a drum major passed out right before they took the field!). It was interesting because the high school from across town was also there but they were whole, even though "across town" is only 6-7 miles away.

    Despite being the H1N1 band they took 3rd place, and my son said they generously considered hugging all the first place winners.:sick: