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    My older cat Lily isn't exactly the easiest cat I've ever had. I adopted her about a year and a half ago from an animal shelter. For one thing she is not affectionate at all. She does not like to sit in laps or be petted much. She sleeps by herself and doesn't like to cuddle. She is not very healthy either. She keeps getting these darn skin infections and I've spent several hundred dollars at the vet getting her taken care of. Last month she had a red rash on her stomach and the fur was missing. She also started sleeping in the litter box. I knew she was getting sick again and sure enough, the vet diagnosed her with a fever and another skin infection. She was given a steroid shot, antibiotics, and another medication. Since she finished the medications a couple of weeks ago the rash on her stomach has gone away and her scabs are healed up. She seems to be eating and drinking well so I think she is all better. Problem is she is still sleeping in the litter box. It doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty. She will literally lay there right next to her own poop. Yuck! When I try and get her out of there she growls at me and jumps back in. For now I am trying to keep the litter box as clean as I can but she still stinks and gets litter stuck to her. I don't know how to break her out of the habit since she got sick.

    She also still can't stand our new little kitten Mandy. I have had her about five months now and she still hates her. Whenever Mandy goes near Lily she will growl and hiss at her. Poor Mandy runs away and wonders what the heck she did wrong. One day both cats ran outside when the door was accidentally left open. I picked up the cats one in each arm to put them back inside. As soon as Lily saw Mandy in my other arm she growled at her and scratched her. I don't get it. Mandy has been with us for five whole months so shouldn't she be used to her by now? I belong to an online cat group and we all post pics of our kitties. I see other people's pics with their cats cuddling with each other and sleeping together. So why can't mine get along? And why is Lily being so obstinate? Mandy is truly the sweetest cat I've ever owned and Lily is the worst! Mandy is affectionate and loves to sleep with me and Lily can't stand to give anybody the time of day. Is Lily just going through a phase or are we stuck with her behavior?
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    Sounds like... Lily is jealous. It happens... I got lucky and got super-accepting cats but in the past it hasn't been like this. Anyway... Does Mandy have her own litter box? If not, that might be a thought - one for each of them. Lily is protecting hers.

    Cats rarely sleep with their own eliminations, so that is all I can come up with... That and... She feels safe.

    Have you ever watched "My Cat from Hell"?
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    I have two litter boxes. We had a big one with a cover on it that the little one couldn't climb up to, so I bought a smaller one. The little cat is using the litter box, but now Lily wants to use the little one too and refuses to use the big one anymore. She sleeps at night in the small box, and Mandy is refusing to use the big box, so she's peeing and pooping in the bathroom at night when Lily is in the litter box. Ugh! I don't know how to get her out of that little box. I even moved both boxes in the bedroom where both cats spend the majority of their time, but now neither one of them will use the big one at all. I wake up to nice little messes in the bathroom every morning.
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    I have always wanted to see My Cat from Hell but I don't know what network it's on.
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    I'm sorry you are having pet problems and I know that almost everyone will be aghast when I say this...but...I think you should consider finding different homes for the cats. You and the children are in crisis and in my humble opinion you need to focus on the needs of the humans and make life easier at home. It's costing you money that you need for other things and I'm sure your anxiety level is ramping up. I'm not unkind but I think even you and the kids love the cats....the calmer your home environment is the better for you all. Good luck. DDD
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    Keep the cat that is giving you what you need and try to rehome to a home where Lily will be the only cat. You would have to be honest about her behaviors, but some of them might change when she is an only cat. I am a firm believe in trying to make things work, but sometimes pets pick up some bad habits that we should not want to live with. Once we have tried everything then it's time to make a hard decision. I had a cat, I loved Whiskers, omg, beautiful white huge cat with blue eyes. Sweet as can be but would use the litter box one time and then want it cleaned. Uhm litter is too expensive for that. It was either the pound or outside. That cat loves the outside and stayed right by porch and I would let him in when it was real cold, or let him in the shed. Best of luck CB.
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    I have honestly considered getting rid of Lily in the past, but Mandy is here to stay. She is therapy for me. I wake up quite often in the middle of the night with heavy anxiety, and she will come to my bed, lay on me and purr. She makes me feel better. She also adores my kids. No way am I going to let her go. I don't know what to do about Lily. To be honest, I don't know who would want her, and no kill animal shelters cost an arm and a leg.
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    Lily is not happy being an inside cat. She has torn through our screen door twice to try and get outside. She also tries to sneak outside when nobody's looking. I didn't want outdoor cats because I have had several outdoor cats die on me. Maybe I should just give in, let her be happy and let her be an outdoor cat like she wants?
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    DEFINITELY allow her to be an outside cat. I do not know many people who have cats who will use a covered litter box if an uncovered one is available. Actually, I have only ever known one cat who would accept a covered box and she had been in a home iwth a bunch of cats that would attack from behind any time she used a litter box or even pottied outside of a box. They had one really mean crazy cat in that house iwth about six other cats and the six others all would wedge themselves behind furniture to potty because of those attacks. The friend who adopted the one cat finally realized what was going on and got a cover for the litter box and the poor cat was so thrilled with it. But I don't know of many other cats who want anything to do with a covered box.

    It really really sounds like the cat is seriously unhappy and depressed. Let her out make sure she has plenty of food and water, and I bet she will be very very happy. She likely won't live as long as an indoor only cat, but herlife will have quality and in my humble opinion that is SOOOOO much better than living this unhappy.

    If you cannot do that, you should surrender her to another home. You don't have the resources to cope with a very unhappy cat as they can become vry expensive. lus it isn't fair to the cat to have her live so unhappy.

    I am glad theo ther one is a big comfort to you.
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    I would recommend taking the cover off the covered box also, none of my cats will use it not sure if its the smell or that there is only one way out so they feel cornered when in there. I've had better luck with the scoopable litter also, though Charlie (dominant male) uses all 4 boxes and never buries his. I also need to put him in separate room from the others if going somewhere and no one else home (need someone to break up cat fights)

    Sometimes outside food & shelter is the best option; right now having trouble getting Kiki to decide which - she lives outside but eats dinner inside with her kittens every night. Nights getting cold, last night in/out like 10 times before I locked the window and ignored her - hopefully kittens get big enough soon to just install a cat door. Poor Charlie LOL