Kjs How are you feeling?

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    Did you go to the Dr.?
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    I called the doctor's office and my dr and nurse were out so they sent me to the triage nurse. She ofcourse was unavailable and I left a message. Then I had to go to work. I had no pain, just a lot of blood.

    An hour after I get to work the nurse calls and says "this is serious - get to ER"

    Well, I work alone and someone has to be here. I told my boss (no details) what the nurse said. He told me I had to leave right away. If I was told to go to ER and something happened they are liable. I told him I would stick around until 6pm. He wouldn't let me.

    So cut to the end.... Internal Hemroids. All that for HEMROIDS.
    I feel fine. No pain. They said about 3 days before the bleeding stops.

    geesh...I spent about 4 hours in the ER due to all the sick kids there. But they said that is also symptoms of colon or rectum cancer. I feel better that I know. I was really worried. Thanks for asking.
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    They also said the blood tests showed quite a loss of fluids and blood. To rest and drink a lot of liquid. And the normal discharge info.

    On a good note - My dr and nurse are back today and called with my blood results from Wednesday (had physical). My cholesterol is down from 271 to 211. About 2 months since last test. All other blood work was ok. Had blood in my urine. Have to follow up next week from the ER visit and will retest then.