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Maybe they are all sitting around laughing, eating ice cream and
having a great time????????? I hope so! DDD

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I'm dying to know how it went too. I hope the new girlfriend is awesome and they're having a wonderful time.


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She is awesome!!!! So different from anyone he has ever been with. She's a friendly "nice girl".

He was a little stressed yesterday because her aunt that she lives with is very strict and didn't tell her until yesterday morning if she could come and meet us, but come to find out she's in recovery herself and very nervous about her dating someone in recovery. I told difficult child that I would freak if his sister ever came home and told me she was dating a recovering addict because I know what it's all about now. So he needs to learn to be patient and let them get to know him and hopefully eventually trust him. She said something about her aunt wanting her to attend an alanon meeting also.

They didn't stay too long. We kept it casual. Just sat out on the back deck and talked. husband and his sister liked her also.

Don't want to get to far ahead of myself, but they really seem to like each other, so I'm hoping it lasts.

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Does he know how long she has been in recovery? Hmmm I would be nervous too, not just for her but for him too, Hopefully they will be good for each others recovery, he has been sober for quite some time I hope she has been long enough to not jepordize that for him.



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Karen, it sounds like a nice, low-key visit. Perfect for a first time. Fingers crossed!

OK, I had a hard time understanding your post at first too...I thought it was difficult child's aunt that was in recovery, lol!

Well, I can see her aunt's point. You son, however, has made great strides. He has almost a year clean, and a year is the recommended amount of time that recovering addicts are supposed to give themselves before they attempt a relationship. Now I realize that difficult child has been with wingnut when less than a year sober, but at least he knows now what to run from...

They both need to take it slow and be very careful. My prayers are with you all! This could be such a good, healing thing.

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Ohhhhhh the Aunt is in recovery, I thought the girlfriend was in recovery. I was nervous for them both. I can see why she would be cautious though. Good for him that he has a nice girl to spend time with.



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Ok..ok.. it's the aunt in recovery. This could be a good thing...new girlfriend has seen first hand how a loved one has had some "issues".

A nice girl...................wowie, fantastic :smile:

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Wow, Karen! :smile:

And what a contrast the rules and behaviors expected from this girl are from what Wingnut has put him through!

So, I just have is ask: Is Wingnut a raving beauty or is there just something about her that is so irresistable that difficult child keeps coming back?

How many young women would send a picture of themselves with someone else unless they are still gunning for whoever it was they sent the picture to?

She is too spooky by half, this Wingnut! It isn't as though she hadn't just tried to trick difficult child into believing her baby was his when it wasn't.




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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: scent of cedar</div><div class="ubbcode-body">So, I just have is ask: Is Wingnut a raving beauty or is there just something about her that is so irresistable that difficult child keeps coming back?

barbara </div></div>

She is far from a raving beauty. Atleast if she was that I would have been able to understand the attraction. She is actually pretty trashy looking. I guess if she wasn't so trashy she might be considered cute, but her personality hides that.