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    Not yet. It's now 1:50 out there (and 82 degrees, I might add) - I didn't really expect to hear anything in their morning hours but have a feeling that I might not get an answer tonight at all- I figure I could get an email or phone anytime until about 10:30 our time- or maybe tomorrow.

    I'm staying busy so haven't been on the board much today. The whole time I'm doing other things, I've got this gut feeling that Department of Juvenile Justice/PO won't let difficult child come home- either way. Not unless I let all the different people tell me how to raise him- which is impossible because they don't even agree on what should be different- the only thing they agree on is that it's my fault.

    Thanks for thinking of me. Oh- by the way- what size of men's jeans can you use, if any?
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    Well the only size that you could possibly have would be 32 or 34 waist and they would have to be at least 30 inch length to fit Cory. Everyone else is way too big for your household...lol.
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    Well, here's what I've got in mens' sizes:

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    I still haven't heard anything. The first time this HR person emailed me, I never got the message because she messed up on my email address. I called and got her super, who said my HR contact was new. Since then, we have been "replying" to each other's email. Any chance she sent me something using her original, wrong email address?

    Is there an appropriate time I should let go by, then call again? Or should I just let it go? Remember, she told me that her super had the answer and was coming back off vacation yesterday but would have a back log. She did tell me though that she would give me some sort of feddback by end of day yesterday. I have not rec'd any calls from them- they are supposed to let me know the answer, even if I didn't get the job.
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    Usually, lol, I have an opinion. In this case I don't know what her personality is like and I don't know how you come accross on the phone.
    It's a **** shoot, in my humble opinion. Chances are, however, by tomorrow afternoon I would feel compelled to call her or email her and say something like " I hate to bother you but I'm on pins and needles and just have to ask 'have you heard anything about the position?', thanks so much." BUT you are the one to decide based on your comfort level. I'm still praying for you. DDD
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    I'm thinking now that this probably isn't good news. Do any of our federal employees on board know if the policy is to send a letter in the mail if a person is turned down for a job? They have handled all previous correspondence via telephone or email, even the tentative offer and security forms- they haven't sent hard copies of anything via the mail so far.

    I need to return a call to the PO and would really like the answer about this job before I do.
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    I'm impatient, so I would probably call this afternoon and say something like "I know your super came back yesterday and probably spent much of the day getting caught up, so I thought I would wait until today to touch base about the position"...blah, blah.
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    I know that as a county govt employee, I got the yes answer by phone call almost immediately after my interview but a person I know who applied for the same position got his denial letter in the mail.
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    That's what made me think of it- I think that's typical of most places but I didn't know if it would be of the federal government or not. I know I was told by the man (my potential boss) who gave me the phone interview 2 mos ago that their HR people were extremely slow and the HR people and security officer told me they were VERY backed up- which is why the security was contacting me at 5:30 AM his time once. I'll wait as long as I can stand it- which will either be tonight or tomorrow- then call my HR contact again I guess. Maybe she can put her super on the phone or something. Or, I have the name of another person in HR- maybe I should call her. If I hear that they have sent a letter out to me, I will know.
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    Oh, my in my opinion, is to wait. HR in general is super slow. You don't want to seem over anxious, so just wait it out. My gut is that you will get the A-OK, you just need to be patient. I know, easier said than done.:sad-very: Hugs!
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    I don't know about the Federal system, but with the State, if someone is not picked for a position, they are REQUIRED to send them a letter saying that they were not selected. I would imagine that the Federal HR offices work the same way.