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    you will have to excuse my typing, as i am now having to use just 1 hand. yesterday i was walking into my house, my leg gave out on me and i fell catching myself with my left hand. i fell onto concrete pavers and my wrist snapped. 4 hour er visit and yep left wrist is broken. ergh!!!! :mad:

    this is the 3rd broken bone in 1 year,ankle twice and now the darn wrist. thankfully i am right handed.

    sooooo frustrating.

    i had 2 back surgeries in the past and have major nerve damage to my right leg. it just gives out on me, no warning, just boom and down i go. and i am not a graceful faller!!

    oy vey, what next??

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    Vickie, if you are having that much trouble, you should get a cane. Walking with a cane is going to be a whole lot better than another broken bone, especially a major joint.

    I hope it heals quickly for you.
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    You have GOT to find a new hobby!!!

    I am sorry you are hurting so. Have you considered a cane to help when the leg goes out? Hopefully the doctor can order one, or some other aid to help with stability. You may want to cover whatever cast they give you. My mom had wrist surgery years ago and the casts were very scratchy. They were the newer fiberglass types, but still were a problem. Esp if she went to touch someone.

    She got some crazy patterned socks that were soft and long enough to cover the cast and then cut out holes for her fingers and thumb. Sure made hugging her less difficult!

    Has anyone done a bone density scan? If not, you really should have one, esp with so many broken bones so close together. Having your bones weaken is NOT pain-free and the earlier bone damage is caught the better off you will be. There are things that can be done to help with bone loss and weakening.

    If you smoke you need to try your hardest to stop. Cut the nicotine back as much as is possible for you. Nicotine will keep the bones from hardening. Smokers often take twice as long to have a broken bone heal, or even longer! I learned this from the neuro who did my first neck surgery. He refused to treat any smokers because the chance of a successful operation went way down and the problems of vertebra that don't heal is HUGE.

    It is the same for people who dip or chew other forms of tobacco. Or smoke cigars.

    I wish I had known that long before my surgery. Not because I smoke, but because gfgbro was in a car accident and we could have told him to stop or cut back on the skoal until he healed fully. It did take more than twice as long as the doctor thought it would for him to recover. Same deal when he had the pins taken out after he healed.

    I hope you heal quickly and can work to not fall anymore!!!