K's First Playdate!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Well K's really good friend at school, her first friend!!! "I" is a boy... he sits at the smart table with her, (which is another post, very angry over that) anyhooooo he seems to have some quirks also... HMMM.
    He is very sweet, sensitive, still a boy, but has these little issues that I have noticed so far, when ha leaves school he is very focused, stares straight ahead and doesn't aknowledge anyone, mumbles to himself, goes across the street to his car. It looks like he is very focused and trying very hard to do this...
    I have also seen him lose it at the car... screaming shaking.... I have also seen him trip in the playground and start screaming!!! Just like K, as if he were dying... like the sensory scream.

    So they came out of school yesterday fired up hugging and both screaming, can we have a playdate.... some how husband asked his Mom, and she was very nervous, but said yes. He came over they played... had popcorn and cocoa. 2 hours...

    It was good for the first time. N was in both of thier faces... so she was a bit difficult. They both were on sensory overload and about to meltdown... it was funny you could really see it. We had to talk K down a couple of times.Towards the end I wanted the TV on and just to lie down... he asked K to lay with him om the floor, cute!!! But she couldn't.... She could not stop moving...

    husband drove him home and I's mom told husband that I has some issues, without really saying it, she doesn't know about K yet. I went straight into the house and layed on the couch and zoned into the TV. decompress...

    She said it was I's first play date at someone's elses house!!!

    So despite the nervous energy from K, at one point she was screaming "Why wont you play with me!?" It went well!!!

    We are going to set one up with another girl in her class B....
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    :thumbsup: I am so glad it went ok, and it is great she has a friend. I think it might be good if I has some issues too, especially if the mom is aware of them, it may make her more understanding towards K.

    Good job for having the little guy over. :bravo:
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    Glad things went well! :bravo:
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    That is so good to hear!

    I'm very happy for K. I take it she is pretty much caught up on her rest (unlike mama?)

    FWIW... Tink's first play date: Also a little boy.