K's new diagnosis and finding a Therapeutic Day School

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    I posted a bit of this on the WC but this is more K info-
    I think I have mentioned that K's Doctors have been thinking she has Aspergers Disorder and possibly High-Functioning Autism (HFA) for the past month or so.

    Well with all of the paperwork and talks the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is 100% yes now that she is stableish on medication. We are doing the High-Functioning Autism (HFA) "stuff" next week. Her Psychologist and Nuero-psychiatric will work on this. Her psychiatrist is in Agreement.

    All are in full agreement that she still has BiPolar (BP).

    School is a joke for her. Socially a mess. Academically falling apart. They give us whatever we want and try so hard. But, she is just so different than the Spectrum kids and the purely BiPolar (BP) kids which I think have been so few have been older and not as severe.

    They just don't know how to help her. They all love her and don't want to give up but you can see the confusion on their faces when dealing with her! :tongue:

    They have even brought in the District psychiatric to personally work with her and volunteer kids and started a "social group". husband and I laid out how it should be run and what to do!!! LOL Only because they are so used to dealing with how to work with Autistic kids and social skills. She needs that and more.
    Think delusional Autistic kid.

    Bottom line everyone, except school, agrees she needs a better fit. Tailored to her. None here in Tucson. Phoenix is the closest, still close to the in-laws.

    We found a really cool school that was started by a Mom with an Autistic son. K goes in a week and a 1/2 to spend a half day.

    They had growing pains in the beginning but have worked out the kinks and have really good reviews now.
    Temple Grandin is going to be their speaker this year!!!
    Only 6 kids in her grade.

    It is a college prep school and focuses on how she learns, Learning Disability (LD)'s and socializing. College classes in High School a lot of getting them out into the "real" world.

    We figured it can't hurt, at least once we are up there there are more resources for all of us.
    The debt will grow...

    I am excited even though I can't say I love where we are moving.:faint:

    I just want her to thrive. To have a chance to reach her potential even if that is only living with us... at least she has a chance.
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    So glad you have found a place that looks promising. And, you are an awesome mom...Moving is a huge step, but it sounds really promising. Just to have HOPE is a wonderful thing.
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    Praying that this new environment works well for K. I agree with tic toc-you are an amazing mom!
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    You are a great mom! Your family is blessed.
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    Temple is awesome. My Stepsister actually reached out to her and wound up speaking with her on the telephone a few times about her young daughter. She has Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) stemming from mitochondrial disease. There is hope, T, and I know you will tap into the resources out there for K.