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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    K is studying poetry in school right now. She seems to really like it. She had 2 books from her teacher of funny poetry over the week that were funny poems. She absorbed them. Read them each over and over

    Yesterday her class was watching "The Snowman" I think it is wordless?

    Anyway she was sitting in the dark and her teacher was watching her and she whipped out this little poem....
    It's Dark
    It's Dark I can only see
    my friends their too
    busy looking at something
    else. I wish that they
    Would see me.
    It's dark
    (obviously her sentence structure is lacking)
    Her teacher came running out and gave this to us. She was so impressed by K's writing and how fast she did this. She thinks although, it WAS dark, she has much insight into her feelings.
    The school is having a poetry contest and she wants to enter it.

    I think this is neat for K, she has never had anything that she has done well at. She has yet to find something that she is interested in.

    The other thing that happened last week is that she asked to do one of the solo's in her music class song in front of the WHOLE school. Her teacher said yes and then after the fact we talked about it.

    We said either she will do well or she wont... she can only try. Her music teacher feels she has really good pitch and tone. I have no clue????

    I am really proud of her. She is basically so far behind in School at this point that it breaks my heart some days, despite the fact that she has such a high IQ. I know somewhere there is something for her.
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    Way To Go, K!! She did a great job!! I'm sorry it sounds like she's depressed and feels alone, though.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I know, I forgot to say that part. :( I almost cried when I first read it. But her ability to understand herself is really good at 8.
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    Toto, what a beautiful poem K wrote. It's melancholy, but it so clearly evokes a mood, her feelings. She draws such a vivid picture with her words. WOW!
  5. Star*

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    Insightful! Natural!


    Everything you'd expect from a Winter Princess.
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    Very expressive poem. I hope she continues writing.
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    Give that little poet a big {{{hug}}} from her board auntie. I'm so proud of her for reaching out & trying new things!
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    What in introspective little girl.
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    Totoro, I know she is very young but could you research the poetry style "triolet" with her, and sit down with her to write one? You begin with a statement, something that you feel is important to you. You then split it into two parts and make sure that the word at each end of each part has an easy syllable to rhyme. You then write out the line pattern (in the same way limericks have a line pattern). Then you work out other sentences so these gaps are filled in. It's easier than it sounds but the end result can be amazing.

    There is another more complex type of poem like this called "villanelle". Save that for high school!

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    Please give K a huge hug from me. I've been writing poetry for over 20 years and this was really impressive. And then I looked at your sig and saw her age!!!!!

    This is what Onyxx would call an "OH. MY. WOW."

    ...As for the solo... She will be great. I have NO DOUBT.
  12. ML

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    My gosh that is really great. She is insightful and talented. Why is it that many famous artists and writers have a MI of some kind. I keep saying, look at the gifts that come with the challenge of gfgdom. Love and hugs, ML
  13. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Thanks you guys
    As she is sitting in her room right now screaming about who knows what? Too much school this week as usual, too much life and she has to let it out somehow.
    I hope some how we can find an outlet for her.
    Her painting has been getting better as well.

    She told husband that the title of her "Book" is, "A Love Story and 11 other things about friends..."

    I like you idea Marg, I was thinking yesterday that if she will let me we could go to a little park nearby that has protected hotsprings and tons of birds. I thought she might sit with me and just think and brainstorm... see what comes out.
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    I was thinking the same thing about an outlet. Even more than one can work- but you're doing this with art, writing a "book", poetry,.....music? Dance classes?
  15. Marguerite

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    Another easy exercise I remember - go somewhere with her and ask her to find words to describe the place. Then you put the words together as she feels they should belong.

    I remember an exercise form school, we had to put words as participles - verbs ending in "-ing". Then put them in order. No need to rhyme if it didn't matter to us. But you can still describe a scene or tell some kind of sequence of events. A dog chasing a ball could be "skipping, running, bouncing, yapping, grabbing, biting - got it!"

    difficult child 3 was given the following link by his school - http://www.writingfun.com/

    Definitely worth a look.

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    Do you have books by Bill Martin Jr? He is one of the authors of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. His books are poetry but they help you FEEL what he is talking about. There is one about a ride on a merry go round that is incredible.

    She shows incredible talent, it just seems to be locked in behind the other problems. It is slow but she is starting to find a way to let some of it sneak out in things like this poem.

    Not everyone has gifts that can be nurtured in a school classroom. No matter how hard they try, some people have gifts that just do not show up in school.

    There are so many ways to be gifted that do not include school skills. Not every person is gifted in the ways schools define it. Sadly our schools have forgotten that and kids come out handicapped because they have been taught they are not good enough if school is not a good fit for their gifts.

    Give K a big hug for me and tell her that he poem is beautiful and she is an amazing young woman.
  17. timer lady

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    Toto, K's poem touched my heart. Such big emotions from such a small one.

    I love that she is self aware & can write her feelings ~ I'd definitely get her a pretty journal so she can write like this when she needs to or you might be able to redirect her to write her feelings when K is feeling out of sorts, sad, angry, whatever.

    Another hug to K from another board auntie.