K's second day of partial-hospital.

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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well let me just say say first off that I have missed all of you, so much!!! I had 2 weeks of visitors... in-laws, then friends. (whole story about horrible parenting!)

    K and I got to the Hotel yesterday, she went to the Hospital early yesterday... husband and I spent 3 hours signing her in etc. She had developed a rash the day before and she was also developing really bad hand movements. Hyperexrending her fingers non-stop. As well as toe-tapping... The psychiatrist, stopped the Lamictal, NOW. They also think they want her the whole 5 weeks!!! Yikes...
    The people are really nice I just don't know what they are going to do for her??? I have never done this before. This is very school based, for kids with severe school issues. But the psychiatrist told me they would work with her issues and her. They are going to work with us as well... but it looks like we do most of the techniques they work with already.
    We were told to let them know what we need and we could all work together... They are going to try and tease out different moods throughout her stay, and then address them as they come.
    Our main concern was was getting into a new psychiatrist, of course everyone was like, what? We can't promise that!!! So we kind of put down our foot and recounted my conversation with the head psychiatrist. So the coordinator said she was going to talk to him and push for us... fingers crossed.
    psychiatrist started K on Clonidine .5mg in the afternoon and Prazosin 1mg at bedtime. K is taking the Prazosin for her night terrors, the psychiatrist explained that it was developed for PTSD, and helps with sleep. They are worried that she is not getting a full nights sleep, due to her night terrors. She slept pretty well, last night. But she did pass out at 6pm while eating, then woke up hyped up and then out again by 7:30, until 6:30. But she was up pretty early the day before and had a long day.
    So I am stuck in some, semi OK hotel... it is hot.
    N is very upset, she keeps saying "No-one likes me." it is so heart breaking...
    I meet with the team later this week.
    The psychiatrist says we will look at other Mood Stabilizer's next week. He is very straight forward and aggressive.

    I will try to catch up and see who all of the new members are and how all of you have been!!! :reading:
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    what a journey you are on! hope they get some help for ya! does the hotel have a pool?
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    Sounds like you're in good hands. Thanks so much for the update...I've been thinking of you guys frequently. :hugs:
  4. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    No pool, I am going right now to check out splash parks... I might take her to a movie also. Ratatouillie???
    thanks ladies!!!
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    Oh Totoro,

    its gotta be hard, especially with your little one. Will she be able to go home? How far are you from home?

    Do you have a portable DVD player? might be useful it this is going to go on a long time. Maybe you could find a Y or something. Also look for a Barnes and NOble or Borders and see if they have kids' story hour or maybe a local library, they often have programs in the summer.

    Sound like the program is going to be useful, hope things work out with the psychiatrist. Was thinking that once you get things underway for your oldest, you might have a chat with the psychiatrist about your youngest, what to look for, when medication might be appropriate if needed etc.

    hope the medications get sorted out soon.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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    Thanks for the update. Sounds like a good program-will be keeping your family in my prayers. Hugs.