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    So at K's school they are collecting *stuff* for one of the nearby Schools. I didn't know this School was here and don't know much about it. I intend to find out more...
    But it says that it 94% of the 550 students live in poverty! They have a huge number of immigrant and refugee students primarily from Somalia, the Sudan, Liberia, Ethiopia and Russia.
    22 languages are spoken!
    Most of the kids do not have enough food for 3 meals a day and the School sends home food, and sends home food in backpacks on the weekends.

    So the kids are gathering stuff for this school.

    So K has been very upset by these facts. Even though we talk about these things all of the times. We donate to different charities and organizations and talk to about why and who they are going to.

    So last night she said to husband, Why do I have so much stuff? husband said, "I don't know" he explained that with family and what not they end up with lots of stuff and he said that they take care if their toys so they last.

    She was still upset and said, "Does this mean I am a good girl because I have so much stuff?"
    husband, told her of course she was good... he told her if she wanted to donate more of her stuff she could.

    She started crying and said, "Does this mean those kids with nothing are bad?"

    He spent time lying with her and had to explain that no, they were not bad...
    It was sad, she was so upset.

    This is all over the STUPID Santa Good boys and Girls list!!!
    Because they convince kids if they are bad they get nothing....

    Sometimes I am amazed at how sensitive she is.
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    Ah. bless her little heart.

    She has empathy, that's for sure. What a great idea to donate more, and hopefully she can really hang onto the message that "stuff" doesn't equate to good or bad boys and girls.

    We have to avoid the Santa good/bad list, too, because difficult child is so sensitive about his own behavior. He flips a lid if it comes up; he knows he deserves nothing.
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    That's pretty insightful for a kid!!

    Occupational Therapist (OT)- I watched a little of "CNN's Heros" last night- I found it amazing how some people found ways to help others, even when they didn't have very much to startw ith themselves. So, I'm glad K has the opportunity to do this and you are being so supportive about it!
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    What a total sweetie! And very good insight, in my opinion. Sort of reminds me of how Wiz totally fell apart when he saw part of "Home Alone". He was crying andhad nightmares because the bad guys kept getting hurt and it is wrong to hurt people. (Needless to say that movie disappe
    / I am lucky to hsve found you all to gelebrate whq to keep your eyes out for her just in case he heed,

    Many hugs,

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    She is insighful and extremely caring and showed such a higher level of understanding to take it one step further and asK why do i have so much stuff, why and what did these other children do not to have what i have? wow. shes a sweet little girl. :)
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    I love my little K. Tell her Auntie Steely says she is beautiful.
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    Beautiful thoughts! What a caring little girl.