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really really manic. psychiatrist got ktbug in on an emergency basis Wednesday morning & he took me aside to tell me he hadn't seen her this bad ever.

I've been trying to tell all the "powers that be" that kt is escalating ... spinning out of control for 3 weeks or more now. (I tell you ladies if I hear one more person say that this is "normal" for a 16 almost 17 year old girl I will beat them with my cane.)

As there wasn't a bed available kt came home with major increases in her medications (tegretol & seroquel being the big ones). We go back in a week & then the week after.

My psychiatrist is good ... asked all the right questions. kt rocked in her chair humming until psychiatrist asked if she would do the Monday night incident again. "Yup, I would Dr. N ~ I wasn't hurt or in danger. This guy was nice to me."

Okay then...enough to make a mum step off that very precarious tight rope she's been walking for many year.

Thanks for "listening"


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Don't you just hate when others won't listen to you about how bad things are? I'm glad your psychiatrist is on top of things. I'm wondering, like TM, if when a bed becomes available, she will go inpatient. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all this. Sending gentle hugs your way along with continuing prayers.


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(((Hugs))) I missed the earlier posts. I'm so sorry she's struggling so badly. I hope a bed opens soon.

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(((hugs))) Linda

Glad psychiatrist is a good one. Scary. Are they going to admit when a bed becomes available? (fingers crossed)


*HUGS* hon. I'm glad she's not trying to stay out by saying she wouldn't do it.


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I'm so sorry to hear about this "incident" TL. I am glad kt has a good psychiatrist. I hope she de-escalates, so to speak, very quickly.

Kudos for her honesty - however delusional it may be. I hope psychiatrist can quickly find a bed if needed.



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That has always infuriated me. Maybe we don't have a PhD or an MD behind our name but we're Mom's. We actually see our kids more than 15 minutes every month. We KNOW our kids so why don't they listen?

Ugh. Sorry no one listened. Hugs. Hope the medication increase helps calm her a bit.

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Thank you all - sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I've spent the week not sleeping in case kt runs. She's seemed to have settled somewhat with the increase in her seroquel.

If a bed opens I'm praying that kt is admitted for a total medication evaluation (okay the mood stabilizer would be my first concern). kt is at therapeutic levels with her tegretol & psychiatrist will not increase the tegretol because of the blood work results. She may need a change from her current mood stabilizer to depakote or lamictal or something.


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I am hoping and praying a bed will open soon! I am so sorry! Is there anyone who can give you relief so you can sleep a bit?


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Oh, sweetheart. Hugs. I don't have answers, but I'm here to listen and send you lots of calm...