Lacking in His Human Training

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. susiestar

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    My cat has SERIOUSLY let his human training go in the last few weeks. Hubby and the kids left to go run some errands today. Hubby was gone most of the day and then had the nerve to run errands without giving him a cuddle first.

    I was alerted to this with LOUD meows. You have NO idea how loud a Siamese cat can meow. Or for how long. Captain Morgan was SOOOO upset. He was just sitting there looking at the door yelling his foolish head off. In addition to leaving without saying when they would be back, they left the volume off of the television. Plus they left it on a show he didn't like. Yes, there are shows he likes and shows he does not. Pretty Little Liars is NOT a fave of his. AT. ALL.

    I told him he needs to work on hubby because it isn't MY job to make hubby deal with the cat's needs. Well, other than the litter box - that one I will step in on. But the cat is not an idiot and hubby is trainable - Morgan is perfectly able to train him, so if he lets hubby do this then it is Morgan's fault.

    Morgan just looked at me and gave me the whiniest meow like "Moooooooom"
  2. pigless in VA

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    Rozzy, on the other hand, is spot on. SO says he doesn't "do" cats. Rozzy now has him opening the front door, feeding her, AND he talks to her. Ssssssshhh. It's a secret. Much like the time he actually pushed one of those tiny "sissy" carts through the grocery store.

    Rozzy has even adopted our next door neighbors as her own. She marches straight into their house and runs to the back. Luckily, they rather like her.

    It has taken her awhile, but she now has Bingo cowed. At first he thought, "oh, look a playmate!" After many interactions, he now looks at her and bows low and moves very slowly. It is HER house.
  3. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Rozzy sounds very much like a riot! We had a cat years ago who we discovered had trained 5 other families to feed him each day. Yes, FIVE dinners a day. He was skinny and incredibly muscular, not a bit of fat on him.

    Right now my parents are adjusting to 2 new cats. They have adopted 2 older cats from a friend who is finishing out her last year in the Navy. Her house is being sold and it is easier to do without these very finicky cats. They are wonderful cats but incredibly finicky. My father has NEVER EVER touched a litter box unless my mother is out of town or very ill. That is just my mother's job. Oreo, one of the new cats, will lead him to whatever box is stinky and continue to do this until it is cleaned.. Oreo will NOT go and get my mother, only my father. Considering that my father once called me to see how long it would be before I would be home because one of the cats had made the litter box stinky, I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that this cat will only go and get my father to clean the box.

    I love cats. They can get people to do some of the strangest things. The other cat my parents adopted is fascinated with shopping. She is only interested in the computer if you are shopping. She will sit at her chair at the table (yes, she has her own chair at my parents' table because it keeps her off of the table) and totally ignore you until you start to talk about shopping. Then she perks up and peeks up over the table and is all interested. It is the funniest thing. If it only happened once it would be a coincidence, but it happens every time we are over there, and it amuses the daylights out of us!
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    My Lhasa Apso would turn the TV on if we had neglected to leave it on for him. Buddy doesn't really care. The cats only like standing on the TV stand right in front of the TV, and then pretending they don't understand what's going on when Hubby waves his hands at them and tells them to move.
  5. pigless in VA

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    susiestar, the first cat you described sounds like 3:30. 3:30 is a cat who lords over our entire street. Everyone, everyone knows 3:30. He has a little tag on his collar with his "name" on it. Yes, it was because her husband found the cat at his work site. The cat showed up every day at 3:30 pm for food. In our neighborhood, we see him meandering slowly throughout his kingdom (our street) checking for the trainable humans. I am not a trainable human as he tends to come eat Rozzy's leftovers. When I see him, I scare him away as Rozzy hates him. Her tail turns into a bottle brush around him.

    3:30 probably has some people feeding him because he, too, is scrawny and lean. He has the appearance of not being fed, but I think he actually eats a great deal. He is a very friendly fellow and will walk along the street with you, twining between your legs, attempting to crash you to the ground.

    I much prefer him to his predecessor, a decrepit beagle who pooped in everyone's yard.
  6. Lil

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    Our old lady, Boo, never one to turn down attention, has taken to demanding it. Loudly and frequently.

    Don't you wish you could speak cat and find out exactly what they want?
  7. Copabanana

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    Yes I do. I have my Stella.
  8. GoingNorth

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    I just evicted Thomas from my keyboard for the 4th time in as many minutes. His hips and hocks were bothering him earlier so I gave him a dose of his pain medicine. Obviously it helped because he is now able to jump from the floor to the table.

    He has now given up and is sitting in the kitchen complaining/begging for treats.

    The issue we are having now is that Thomas is losing his hearing. Always a very verbal cat, he is getting louder by the day because he can't hear himself as well.

    What was a chirp is now a squawk and what was a demanding meow is now...well...a howl. He also has me trained to get up and go pet him if he sits on top of the washer and demands attention ( I have a stacked washer/dryer), just to shut him up, especially as I am often up very late and he tends to do this at 2AM.

    This has led to him squawking at me, and if that doesn't get an immediate response, he heads to the washer, jumps up, and immediately starts howling.
  9. Copabanana

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    Me too. And I am responding the same:
  10. pigless in VA

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    Update on Rozzy. She trained SO to pick her up and carry her outside for breakfast yesterday morning. All the while he was talking to her and telling me that he hates cats.
  11. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    So am I, but it started many years ago, and I've mostly learned to keep my voice down...UNLESS I'm in an environment with a lot of background noise. Then I get loud.