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    TIA for reading this, I hope you don't think this is silly. I'm sick. I have an earache, sore throat, body aches, etc...I know I need an antibiotic. Every day I wake up worse and my neck hurts. Here is my problem, I'm scared to go to the dr. I have issues with my weight and he (the dr.) WILL weigh me. I have been doing so well in everyone's eyes...eating whatever I want to, I have gained at least 2 sizes. I know I needed to but still, I have body image issues. For those who don't know I was in the hospital 3 times last year struggling with anorexia. I weighed 88 pounds in Sept, but now I am a normal weight. I don't see a therapist or take medication. I am doing well in that aspect...physically. maybe not mentally
    Do you think if I just wait it out I can get better? I was blaming a snowstorm on my not getting to a dr, but now I'm shoveled out. I'm scared to go and scared not to go. Does anyone know how to get better with-o antibiotics? TIA
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    Just go in and close your eyes when they weigh you! They probably already know about your issues, so hopefully they won't say anything, especially if you've gone back to what's normal for you.

    But you definitely need to go in, and no more excuses! You may not need an antibiotic, though. If this is a virus, which the flu bug is and you sound like that's what you've got, it just has to run it's course. They only time you need antibiotics is if you develop a secondary bacterial infection, or if the bug you have is a bacteria and not a virus. The neck hurting is worrisome to me -- how is your sensitivity to light? Can you touch your chin to your chest without horrific pain?
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    UAN, I too think you need to see a doctor. Although you may have a virus, you may have developed a secondary infection as GCV said. Either way, you need to know what you're fighting so that you can get better.

    A couple of other things to keep in mind...
    1) If you're fighting off an illness like that, it can interfere with your ability to maintain the healthy weight which can set off a relapse.
    2) Even though you are at a healthy weight now, your body still has to re-establish its strength. You don't want to deplete yourself while you're still stabilizing at your new weight

    I agree with GCV's advice about not looking when the dr. weighs you. If your doctor is aware of your eating issues, then he or she should be very supportive of this approach.

    Hope you feel better, and sending hugs and healing thoughts.
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    If you don't think you can face your regular doctor and you need an antibiotic, go to a walk-in clinic. You need to take care of this so you don't lose ground fighting the infections.
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    Oh, walk in clinic is a GREAT idea, SRL!
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    I was going to say a walk in clinic, too. I don't remember them weighing my daughter when we went there.
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    THey usually have to weigh to know dosing for medications. that's all.
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    Ask the nurse/medical assistant to please not tell you what your weight is, then close your eyes or look away when you step on the scale. You can explain to them if you want or not as the case may be. Most staff are understanding of such things.

    But if it's not getting better you need to be checked out by the doctor. Weighing you is for proper dosing of medication. If you have strep throat that has progressed into something more, it can get serious fast.

    (((hugs))) So get checked. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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    IF that sore throat is strep, you'll end up like me last year - wishing you had gone in for antibiotic.

    Strep, when it gets bad can back up into the ear, eyes and nose. Mine got so bad it backed up into the ear and ruptured my ear drum, twice (resealed and then ruptured a second time). Then I had the luxury of Scarlet Fever which is a bad allergic reaction to strep toxoid in the body and causes massive peeling of skin on the feet, hands, trunk of the body and other areas. The problem with SF is that you have a higher chance of getting Rhumatic Fever which can be deadly and destroys joints and tissues around the joints. I will, for the rest of my life, have a higher risk factor for RF now. All because I didn't want to go in to the ER (no doctor here, we're on the waiting list) and wait the three hours to get antibiotics. Pure, unadulterated stupid laziness on my part honestly. Now I have risk factors. With your eating disorder you can't afford not to take care of the rest of you health wise so that you can focus on getting that disorder better for you.

    Like others suggested, tell them not to tell you what you weigh because it's a trigger for you (don't even have to say it's an eating disorder trigger) and close your eyes. You need those antibiotics.

    If you absolutely will not go in. Organic, unpasturized honey, garlic (fresh, whole cloves) up your vit D&C, zinc and use a hot lemon\honey & garlic sipping tea. The garlic has anti-bacterial properties, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The D&C will help boost your immune system. The honey will coat your sore throat. You can make a tincture of the garlic in a pan with a bit of water, strain it and then use it for the sore ear. When you bathe, use your blow dryer to dry your ears on the low setting. Keep those ears dry! Wet, moist and humid means bacterial growth. Honey is also a natural anti-bacterial and will kill off the "good stuff" that bacteria, particularly streph, staph and other badies love to feed on. Lower your sugar intake and boost your protien intake. No big carbs, it gets turned into sugar in our bodies.
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    Ok I have to just go to the dr. because I feel worse than I did an hour ago. I won't look and I'm beyond caring right now. The walk in thing is the best idea ladies, there's one right near my house, I've never been there, but husband hopefully can take me there when he gets home from work. It's 10pm now I bet they aren't even busy. easy child gave me some tea. Thank you for your support hugs.-Alyssa
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    Would husband go in with you, give them a rough estimate of your weight, and explain you need to not be weighed? Some docs, if they know, are very accomodating.
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    I, too, think it's vitally important for you to be seen. One of the problems with having had an extreme weight loss is that your heart may have been weakened and viral or bacterial infections can exacerbate the weakness.
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    Let us know how you're doing!
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    Most people understand ANY woman not wanting to know her weight. But I agree the neck pain is very worrisome, and you need to see a doctor of your choosing before you land in the ER with no choice at all.
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    From someone who thought she just had a cold or the flue and wouldn't go in, turned out it was Spinal Menengitis. I was still fussin about going when X was half dragging me into the waiting room - my neck hurt, my back hurt, couldn't keep anything down - not even water, didn't like the bright lights - and am at risk now for getting it again. Took me close to a year to feel normal again.

    Just go - you don't want the weighing part to be the least of your worries

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    For quite a long time I just said "No" and walked past the scale. Only one person ever even realized it. She started making a fuss until I told her that I would go home and NOT see the doctor if she kept insisting - and that the doctor knew I didn't do that and if the doctor had problems she could do it herself (doctor is female). Few docs even LOOK at the weight, at least here. The scale is in the hallway and everyone can see it - which I object to. If it is so important they can bring the scale into the room with me.

    Yes, I AM a bit of a curmudgeon. Tough. Tootsies.

    I hope you get the medications you need - the neck pain is very very worrisome. Let us know what they say!!
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    Any update?