Ladies - you can really shake it!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Thanks to all of you who shook whatever you could shake. My phone rang off the hook today. Literally, in less than 10 minutes, 3 people from Post-Adoption support called. We will get our clinical staffing date on Monday (hopefully it will be scheduled within a week!). Once we have a firm clinical staffing date, we may be able to get an emergency extension on Kanga's stay at the emergency group home beyond the 21-day limit.

    The CEO of the current hospital is now involved -- Kanga's caseworker got him involved because the reports I was suppose to get today -- still haven't even been dictated!! The caseworker said that it was just luck (or the board genie) that he was on site today and was able to light a fire under some people's booties. And they won't even be mad at me cause I didn't report them :)

    My mom is doing a novena for us. I'm amazed at the power of prayer.

    I can now spend the next 48 hours enjoying my mother-daughter weekend with Piglet!!!
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    Glad things are finally progressing in the correct direction.


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    I think I'm going to get a job herding cats next. It has to be easier:laughing:
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    I gave worm wrangling a try. But it is so dang hard to get them to answer to their names!

    Anyway, I am so glad our shakin' it got some good results. KEEP the CEO's name and phone number FOREVER!!! And maybe ask him to review why they told you that our Kanga needed Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but wouldn't fill out the paperwork???? That would be an interesting conversation, don'tcha thinl??

    Rrelax and enjoy your weekend with Piglet.

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    You go Warrior Mom:warrior: Enjoy your weekend with Piglet:D
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    Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :peaceful:

    Wishing you and Piglet a special weekemd :love-very:

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    Such good news! Enjoy your weekend with Piglet. :icecream::bigsmile:
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    I don't know what everyone else was shakin' but I had all 4 cheeks and a couple of chins goin' for ya!!!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    (Mine starts Monday...they've been off from school for a week and Monday they ALLLLLL go back to school!).

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    Congrats! And I love your new avatar.
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    [ame=""]YouTube - Kc & the Sunshine Band - Shake Your Booty[/ame]

    YOU BET GIRL~!!!!!!!!
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    Hope you enjoyed your mom/daughter weekend !

    Woohooooo. Fingers still crossed that all goes well!

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    Fantastical! :D
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    Thanks all! Piglet and I had a great weekend.