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  1. sameold sameold

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    My son is currently on 200mg of lamictal per day and his dr is considering upping the dosage, I wondered if anyone else that is on or has been on this could let me know their experience with this. He goes to the dr tomorrow, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Wiped Out

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    My difficult child is on 200mg of lamictal per day. It has really helped my difficult child (even though he, of course, still struggles). The psychiatrist has said though that many patients are on more than that and has said we may need difficult child to be upped to 250mgs.
  3. Mrs Smith

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    We've gone up to 300mg day and I saw some increased irritability on the higher doses. My kid seems to do better on the lower doses of all medications though.
  4. KateM

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    My son is currently weaning off this medication. I had high hopes for this, but it really didn't have any effect on him at 200mgs; on 250mgs , he became emtionally labile. We gave it over a year of different doses. The good news was that there were no negative side effects (at doses lower than 250). The bad news was it didn't help difficult child the way Depakote had (which he had to wean off of due to increased bld ammonia levels).

    difficult child is doing well on Lithium. Trilpetal did not help.Good luck; it's always a challenge finding the right medication at the right dose.
  5. Janna

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    Dylan has never been on Lamictal. Our psychiatrist is against it. He told me that his children he treats that have severe problems with outbursts, the Lamictal seems to increase the outbursts.

    That doesn't mean that's with everyone, just what our psychiatrist has experienced with his own children.

    We've had luck with the Lithium, too, but then I know alot of people that haven't had luck with that either. And Depakote made Dylan's tummy very, very sick.

    Good luck. I don't think it could hurt to try. Every kid is different.
  6. Nancy

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    My difficult child is on 300 mg daily split into two doses. She was on 200 mg for a time but still had outbursts. Since the dose was upped to 300 mg things have been much much better. Unlike Janna we saw no increases in outbursts in fact they have all but gone away.

    I do notice that on days she misses her full dose she is more irritable.

    This is the only medication that we have gotten significant improvement with.

  7. Kjs

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    My difficult child is on 200 Mg's Lamictal. Did much better at 150 and is currently going down to that dose. Lamictal has done wonders for him. I really like it.
  8. sameold sameold

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    Thanks to you all for your replies. It gives me something to think about. I love this board because everyone has a wealth of information.
  9. Sara PA

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    My son took 400 mg for quite a while (trying to control what turned out to be side effects to the antidepressant) He took the whole dose in the morning because it caused problems with sleeping for about 3 hours after he took it. He said it helped him wake up in the morning (get the cobwebs out, if you will). That probably is an indication that it can be activating for some. At 400 mg/day for over a year, he had some hair thinning and possible some visual distortions.