Large vs small transitions or another way DD1 is son's polar opposite.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by keista, May 18, 2012.

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    I had to pick up DD1 from school today. She was having a first class meltdown. She hasn't had any issues whatsoever since September, I think? It dawned on me that we're coming to the end of the school year (only one week left here) and the transition to school letting out has begun. So it dawns on me that DD1 has a hard time with the BIG transitions, like starting school, ending school (the year, not the days), moving, going on vacation, long day trips to my Dad's. Son NEVER had problems with these. Moving was an adventure for him, starting stopping school was fun, etc. He had problems with the small transitions like changes in schedule, change of plans, needing to leave a place before he feels ready.

    Anyone else have a child who is selective in what types of transitions they are going to have difficulty with?
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    For difficult child 1, it depends on the transition itself. He does better, not 100% though, with big and small transitions as long as he has enough advanced notice. For him, it's the unexpected and sometimes unpreventable ones that really get him. Things like looking forward to an outside activity that he's planned for a long time and then it's cancelled because of storms. THAT does not go over well at all. For him, the excitement of FINALLY being done with school for the year is actually motivation for him. He doesn't want to do summer school EVER!!
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    Bigger ones if going to a preferred place can go OK for us, but not always. Prep for smaller transitions, esp. routine schedules makes them not to big of an issue, but switching venues like going from home toschool or school to home can be huge issues till he settles in.

    Transitions are one of our biggest triggers lately.