Laser Tat Removal?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Don't ask - I suspect another plan that will never gel, but I continue to to try to encourage and support regardless.

    Who do you get to do a tat removal? Plastic surgeon or dermatologist? It's a black tat, of course, and he just needs part of it removed. How many treatments does it take - I know hard to say for sure, but are we talking weeks or months? Any clue on cost?

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    I think either can do it. Actually my difficult child's family doctor told her he was cosidering getting a laser and being trained so he could do it because many of his patients are asking for it. I'm curious to know if anyone has the info you are requesting because my difficult child was looking into having this done at one time and I would like to encourage it if she is serious. I did hear it takes several treatments and depends on how large it is. Supposedly it hurts too but it also hurt to get it so that shouldn't matter.

    What I never understood is why it doesn't just peel off someday as the layers of skin die and shed.
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    The ink from a tat is below the layer that sheds... the other cells form around it, and go through their life cycle, but the ink stays.

    Laser removal works best on BLACK. As far as I'm aware, it can be done by any number of professionals - but I would stick to someone with a medical background (MD, for example - so, dermatologist or plastic surgeon would be fine).

    How long it takes depends on the area being treated and how much ink is involved.
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    Around these parts, a "small" tattoo... About 1" in diameter... Costs about $100 per session, and takes about 3 sessions. For black only. More for color.
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    The technology has greatly improved which is a very good thing. I have seen people recently who had really good results. They all say it is more painful than getting a tattoo and if it is very dark it can take several sessions. The best thing would be to make some calls to places that offer medical skin treatments, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.