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After all the txtng and emailing I find out he is in jail. I didn't go pick him up,if I did he'd be here not there? Forget that circus - I can't let my mind go there.
I will say this though - the whole "trafficking" charge is bs. A local cop has been busting him left and right for a roach in his pocket. I hardly think a dirty stinky homeless broke filthy little white boy is a big dealer. He never even made a dime enough to put himself up in a hellhole local hotel nor does he have a phone. I do know his "X" said she was going to set him up saying he drugged her blah blah blah so she can get out of her charges., or maybe this is the judges way of forcing him into a program and not prison. We are in a tiny tiny tiny town where manipulation and payoff are HUGE and I mean huge. I got a DUI over 10 years ago and I know first hand of the corruption I speak of. Had I not lived through it myself I never would have believed a "cons" story or excuse. I was thrown down a hall by a pissed off cop who was "sick of me" because I wouldn't sign a document saying my 3 diamonds were in my personal belongings folder for when I was released when I had "4" diamond rings on my fingers. He said "sign it, you have 3 diamond rings" and I said "no, I have 4" - down the hall I go, thrown.
I'm not making excuses for my son. I want him forced into program; I just hardly believe he "trafficked" anything as a homeless idiot who is a skeleton of a human. A big ole dealer would be living at least on McDonalds. God is speaking, and I'll let him . I let go.


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I hope you are correct in that they are forcing him into treatment. Does your son use any other substance besides pot? I am ashamed to admit it, but I used to be relieved when my son was in jail because that meant he was sober and I knew where he was. I mean, sure, he can get drugs in jail, but it's not as easy as being on the streets and staying high. I would hate to think they would send him to jail/prison for trafficking. I'm not sure what your state you are in, however, in Texas you can make a complaint to the Texas Rangers Police in cases of corruption. I am a police officer, so I don't take kindly to cops that make us look bad.

Here is the link:

If you are not in Texas, your state may have something similar. That is terrible what happened to you, involving your diamonds and assault. I hope your son gets a fair deal for whatever situation he was (or wasn't) involved in. Sometimes, we bring the minnows (little guys) in to try to catch the bigger fish. The philosophy is that if we get enough big guys, the supply will diminish. I, too, love your quote!



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My beautiful, dimpled, penniless, skinny girl sold drugs. She told me all drug users sell. She is lucky she was never arrested. I think the girl thing helped her.

She never had money either because she spent it all on pot, probably other drugs, getting tattooes, doing her hair and nails, but certainly not paying the bills.

If Kay ever got arrested for selling drugs, I'd believe it. I would know it was true. It could happen. She is on the streets on California now living in an old camper by all the homeless drug addicts

God bless you. I am so sorry.


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It is so hard to see our children differently than when they were young and innocent. Choices, we have all made them. Some good, some not so good and then some really bad. We protect our kids until they won't let us.
I am so sorry for what you are going through. I wish I had the right words to comfort you but know I am thinking of you and praying for the best.
Peace and Love