Last day of school!!

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    I have been waiting for this day for sooooo long. What a rough year all the way around. With easy child moving to his dad's, difficult child's medical issues plus the district attorney from last semester breathing down my neck, I would say we have all earned a good summer break. difficult child's last day of school was today. She just finished her last final. The school psychiatric came up to me today and told me difficult child got a B on her math final. I am so happy! She worked with her tutor and studied hard over the weekend for it. She took her Science final yesterday and I still don't know her grade yet. So far she was getting a C in that class. Her tutor worked with her on her Science work as well so I am hoping she did okay. At least I know she has a passing grade in that class. She made it to her final for English on Monday but she has such a low F in that class that taking the final made no difference for her grade. She also made it to the PE final but due to her lack of attendance the teacher still failed her.

    Now that she qualifies for summer school she will be making up her English and PE credits there. It is independent study so she goes one day a week to pick up the work and then return it. She is going to have her tutor work with her two hours a week to help her with her English assignments. Nobody at the school here seems to know how they run PE in summer school. Her counselor told me he thinks they give her excersises to do at home and log in then return it. Hopefully swimming will count because we all love to go swimming every day. I am just SO relieved the school year is over. I still have one more week and a day left of work. It will be spent filing, packing boxes, and surfing the internet. I hope it goes by fast. My panic attacks are getting pretty nasty and I had to leave work early yesterday because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I had to make it home and take my pills and hot bath. I hope to make it through the next seven days without any issues. My boyfriend already gave me hell yesterday for coming home early. He thinks I could have toughed it out. I am going to try my hardest to make it through each and every day and be strong. I get easy child next Friday for two weeks. We are going to an amusement park, the zoo, and the beach while he is here. I can't wait. I think we all deserve some fun.
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    My supervisor is going to ask my our boss if we can read for the rest of the year. I hope he says yes. I still have a mystery novel by one of my favorite authors that I haven't finished. Maybe a good book is what I need to get my mind off things and get rid of this **** anxiety. Today is another rough day. I am right in the middle of a huge panic attack and I can't leave for another two hours and twenty minutes. Ugh!