Last "Games" post for awhile, I think...

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    Reading all the suggestions makes me want to leave work and go to the park and play. ;)

    This is what I'm recommending to my Board and the reasons why. The group is an advocacy group for trails throughout our County & eventually interconnecting with other counties statewide. There are four trail types: water (canoeing, kayaking), equestrian, biking and hiking/walking.

    Big Canoe Challenge - water
    Horseshoes - equestrian
    Bike tire roll contest - bike
    Backward walk race - hiking/walking

    I think four competitions will "play well" in advertising as it ties directly to our goals. Personally I've got the hots for learning Bocci :D but guess that will have to wait.

    Those Scottish games sound just perfect for the Swat guys, Marguerite! :bigsmile: They look like they could toss full live oak trees for fun!

    As always I appreciate the creative support from "the family". DDD
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    It sounds like a lot of fun! I am sure the games will be a hit. If you end up needing another activity with just a little prep you could do a scavenger hunt. Maybe save that for next year. You would simply need a list of things that can be found on the trail.

    I hope you have a wonderful time and raise lots of money!