Last weekend I cooked....

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    a lot of food! I decided to make two whole pans of stuffed shells with meat sauce. Then I got out a bunch of deer meat and made a gigantic pot of stew meat and gravy. I baked it in a dutch oven with onion soup mix and mushroom soup for about 3 hours on 300 degrees till it was tender as all get out.

    We ate some of the stuffed shells on Sunday and gave some to Cory to take home and then we froze two more servings for later.

    I let the stew meat and gravy cool down and put that in freezer bags and got 4 bags for me and one container for Cory. Now when I want stew or vegetable soup or beef and noodles...all I have to do is take the bag out of the freezer and thaw it out and add the extra ingredients and heat. Much easier than cooking for a long time.

    Tonite Im having stew!
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    Oh gosh, now you went and made me HUNGRY!!! Sounds very yummy, Janet! :D
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    I want some stuffed shells, yum.
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