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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by HaoZi, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Our local news here and refers back to the same story. Apparently this woman was snorting these "bath salts", then began hallucinating while she was driving with her two small children in the car! I've heard that this stuff is readily available, even in some convenience stores! Why??????
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    I heard about that one! Our local news went to smoke shops to see if they were selling it here. A lot of them are, there were a few that mgmt/owners said they didn't feel it was safe to sell to their customers and refused to carry it, but it's certainly out and about here.
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    But are they what I know as bath salts? The stuff I put in my bath water to bathe in? I mean is it something different than the normal basic epsom salt type stuff with scents and sea salt junk in it? You know...bath and body works type things?
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    I wouldn't put it in my bath. Of course, I wouldn't buy bath stuff from a smoke shop, either. But no, Janet, it's not a modified bath product, they just called it that for the resemblance and innocuous name.