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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pasajes4, Dec 6, 2012.

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    difficult child had court on the 5th for the breaking and entering charges. The victim/friend was present. He was not happy with the recomendation of 12 months intensive supervision, gps monitor (not confined to home), 6 p.m. curfew and weekends in juvie. He is pushing for TYC until difficult child is 18. He does not want him to be allowed back on this street. He also wants to show his difficult child son how horrible the consequences are for breaking the law. The trial hasa been reset for the 11th of Dec. My son is getting a swift kick in the pants from the courts. He will now have spent over a month in juvie.
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    Would this be your sons first time being incarcerated in TYC? I dont mean his brushes with the law and spending time in detention but actually spending time in TYC. If so, then that sentence sounds about right to me. Victims always want the maximum but rarely get what they want because space is so limited. Im sure there are hundreds of kids far worse than your son who need beds. Also if this father needs to make to use your son as an example for his son, well he has far more issues on his plate.
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    He has never been in TYC. The reset is to give the victim time to shore up his case against difficult child. I don't know what other things he would have to use against him.
    I don't think he is going to get what he wants. I do feel that if he gets probation that they are going to be doing their best to say hes doing other stuff. We live on a dead end street and he will have to walk right by his house everyday.
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    Oh dear, how uncomfortable.

    This does sound about right. I'm new to this, as of last spring, but I'm learning the hard way.
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    Sending understanding hugs. Some difficult children learn quickly that Juvie is a place they never want to revisit while others seem to have more difficulty grasping how quickly things can go from bad to worse. Fingers crossed that the outcome is what is in his best interests. DDD
  6. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member you think you could ask quietly and behind the scenes if they could take your son for a visit to TYC so he can see where he will go if he messes up? Right now he is in kiddie jail. It is nowhere near what it is like in kiddie prison. I have seen both even though Cory was never in the kiddie prison. I had a friend whose son was in one of the one's down here in NC. Now we have a fairly good system of them here. Really some excellent facilities based on what the kids did. The murderers arent in with the kids like your son. Obviously back in the day, kids werent getting tried as adults that often but even so, the ones tried as adults have to do their time in juvenile until they hit a certain age. You cant have a 12 year old in adult prison.

    However, I have heard some stories about TYC and it really might do your son some good to see where he just might end up if he screws up. I know when Cory was in juvie he thought it was actually a picnic. They did no school work, played cards, played basketball, watched TV, ate, slept. He was bored but it wasnt too bad. Now in jail? Oh he doesnt like that.
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    He has court today. He will either be placed (not tyc) or on intense supervision with a monitor. I will protest the monitor. I do not want to pay for another one. If that's the case, they can keep him. I do not think that they are allowed to tour the facilities. I really don't know what will happen today. The victim is very vocal about his wanting difficult child to be held for the maximum time allowed. This judge is a tough one. difficult child really screwed himself this time.
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    Hugs. While I think courts obviously factor in victim type justice, they also factor in tons of other things that weigh more combined than this mans wishes for your sons sentence. I'm with the other poster who said if he's worried about using your son as a warning to his own son, he has bigger fish to fry. Not to say your son shouldn't have consequences befitting what he did, but if your sig is right, your son is 15? Staying locked up until 18 is this mans wish? Really? I gotta say, I doubt a judge is going to see that is fair, not to mention I highly doubt that is practical under these circumstances.

    Sending good juju that whatever happens today is in the best interest of your son, in that he faces logical consequences that can hopefully help him see that he needs to walk a different path. I do think sometimes these moments can be wake up calls.

    I'll be watching for an update and hoping for the best outcome that can help hold your difficult child accountable but in a way that can help steer him onto new and better things in his young life.
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    Pasa, thinking about you today and hoping the outcome is something you feel is positive and fair considering all the circumstances and that it gives you peace of mind and offers your difficult child an opportunity for a wake up call. (((HUGS))))
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    hoping for the best Pasa.....many hugs.
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    Update us when you can. Sending strength your way!